Friday, January 30, 2015

Something you lost... My mind!

Have you ever felt like you lost your mind? Like seriously lost your mind? I have. So let's paint the most recent picture...

Sunday I was reading for my Writing About the Profession class. Hubby took the girls and left the house so that it would be quite for me to read/write/do homework. Earl sent out an invite to Sunday Night dinner saying the theme was spaghetti. Well I wasn't sure hubby would be home in time for that so I told her we'd try to make it if he ever got home.

Usually SND starts around 5pm. at 4:30 hubby calls and says he's on his way home. I asked about Sunday night dinner and he said of course we'd go. Great nothing was made and I couldn't think of anything really to take that I had the ingredients for, except Buttermilk Brownies.

Mmmmm Buttermilk Brownies.

So I quickly looked through the recipe to make sure I had time to bake them (couldn't remember the bake time) and if I hurried we'd be a few minutes late but they just live around the corner so all should be good, right?

Famous last words.....

So I threw the ingredients together, got them in the oven and started hoping for the best.

About 8 minutes in to the 15-20 minute baking time, hubby came in the house and said something to me and I saw the sugar sitting on the counter. Immediately I had a DOH moment and realized I DIDN'T PUT THE SUGAR IN THE BROWNIES. Holy crap how in the heck did I forget to do that?

Leave it to me... Needless to say I took them anyway, they weren't bad, just weird texturally and we added ice cream to the top and YUM! :). Ice cream makes everything better!


  1. Haha, I've totally had moments like that. I think parenthood has taken away 90% of my intelligence!

  2. Whoops! At least it wasn't a total fail and they could be eaten with ice cream :)

  3. I've done that before with sugar and once with buttermilk. UGH! Ice cream did not help the situation though lol

  4. I often have felt like I have lost my mind, and haven't we all done something like that you my friend are not alone



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