Thursday, January 22, 2015

The day you started blogging. What were you thinking?

I have been blogging now for 5 years. Do you remember that first post? Probably not because I didn't have one single follower at the time. And let me tell you, it was a doozy. I really want to say that my first follower happened to be Lindsay. I can't guarnatee she was the first but I know she was right up at the top.

And I've mentioned before that I woke up that morning, saw a friend had started a blog (which he only wrote on once) and I wondered what a blog was. I went over to, signed up to see what all the hoopla was about and pretty much was hooked since then.

At that time I didn't know you needed a blog name so mine was Nicole J. Real original huh? Maybe I should have done my research. Since then my blog has changed names a couple times. It's been, That's Life, Life's a Beach and now Midwestern at Heart. I think I've finally found my home with my blog at Midwestern at Heart.

I didn't know at that time that you needed a niche for blogging. So I just started writing. I'm pretty sure I have and still fall into lifestyle blogging with some Agriculture mixed in there because let's be honest, I have a passion for Ag.

So I wish I could go back in time and realize what I was really thinking. But I have no idea. I just know it was before work and because of Daniel.

I am just sooooo glad that I started that day because I've learned so much and gained so many great friends, plus it has opened a lot of doors for me I never thought I'd know about or sadly care about. There have been times I've wanted to quit. Times I've been frustrated. Times I've loved it so much. Pretty much all feelings you can have. And I'm always glad that I stuck it out in those moments of quit because I have this awesome "scrapbook" of ideas/thoughts/events in our lives and it's all written down.

But now I need to leave you with that because I have cranky baby on my hands and please someone send a life boat, I might need it :) (just kidding....)

p.s. Don't forget about the giveaway going on... it's for a Great cause!


  1. I can remember sort of when I first started blogging, I remember being nervous and going over that first post like a hundred times. I just wish that I still had access to those posts :( They are lost and gone forever and that makes me really, really sad.

  2. I knew nothing about the whole blogosphere when I started. I just wanted a place to share pictures and stories about my kids. Our family was all spread out at the time, so I thought it would be a great way for people to know what we were up to. I had no idea there were followers and comments and all that. I'm still not sure I really have a niche. I'm still just pretty much doing the same thing I did when I started (in 2008!) - sharing stories.

  3. Aw! Glad to be one of the firsts to follow you! I think you were one of my firsts too! I found your blog through a link up and thought we'd click instantly! Glad I was right! :-) You and your family are often on my thoughts! xo

  4. I have been blogging for many years and I have no idea what my first post was about, I remember I started doing it because my dad was blogging and I thought it was a good idea

  5. i have went back and re read my posts before. I have quite an emotional roller coaster and in real life not quite so crazy of emotions lol. I don't blog usually about the good things just because they are not what i need to talk about.

    I still don't have a niche, i mostly blog off the top of my head........and i am ok with that. I will never have the amount of followers like you because i haven't really "clicked" with a blogger enough that they would ever mention me and i don't have the moolah to sponser a button on a blog though i would LOVE the convo in comments sometimes.



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