Monday, January 26, 2015

The Peanut Post - Month 7

Stats: At her 6 month drs appointment which was January 7th she weighed 15lb 5.8oz which put her in the 29th percentile in weight. She was 2' 2.7" tall which put her in the 74th percentile. So I have a long lean baby is what this is telling me.

Wearing: You're wearing 3-6 and 6 month outfits for the most part. Diapers are size 3. Shoes... well you still don't like shoes nor do you like socks. Shoe size is like a 2-3 for what I put on you but again you don't keep them on so I don't fuss with them much, yet.

Sleep: Your nightly routine is the 4 B's. shower (Bath), food (Bottle), (Burp),  (bed). You haven't been sleeping as well as you were. You don't like to go to sleep as easily at night unless daddy and I go to sleep with you. You wake up a couple times during the night but a binky puts you right back to sleep. This week you've been waking up at 5am for feedings which is way early in mommy's opinion :(. You don't like naptime as much anymore.

Behavior: You're not afraid to let us know when you're hungry or tired. There is a difference in the screams too. You've started babbling. I'm not sure you really have said your first word yet but there are times when you say dada or mama, I'm just not sure you realize you're saying it yet. Although you've said it toward us a few times. You are starting to put your arms out when someone says do you want to come to me, but it isn't all the time yet. You are starting to really learn how to wheel the walker around and while at the dive shop you have a tendency to go up to the pillar where daddy puts his coat/sweatshirt and grab it all while yacking at it. Very funny and yes I have video.

Eating: You eat a bottle 4-5 times per day. 6-8 oz depending on the feeding and how hungry you seem. You also eat pureed food at least once or twice per day. This month you've had sweet potatoes, butternut squash, yogurt, apples, peaches, mashed potatoes & brown & white gravy, spaghetti sauce (minus any chunks) and maybe a few other things people haven't told me about... like ice cream...

Appearance: Your hair is going more blonde about the color of what mommy & daddy's was when they were babies. And so far you still have those pretty blue eyes.

Likes: You like to talk. You like when people walk around with you. You like to be involved in everything. You like to play with the baby in the mirror. You like to be mobile and are getting close to crawling. You like real food. You like your activity saucer. You like your walker. You're starting to tolerate dogs and are very interested in the cat.

Dislikes: You don't care for naptime. You don't like carrots. You don't like beards (on men). You don't like shoes (although we are starting to tolerate them more). You don't like socks. You don't like to be left alone (in your pack 'n play, you prefer us to be there with you). You don't like cold soap. You don't like cold bottles.

Milestones: Starting to be more vocal. Consistently eating real food. So close to crawling that you might be before I hit publish.

Mommy: Mommy can't stand when you're upset. She prefers happy baby. You really are such a good baby though. Mommy gets down on the floor and tries to help show you how to crawl, boy I didn't realize the floor was so hard or maybe that I was so old until I get down there and start crawling. When you aren't around (ie at grandma's, with daddy, etc) mommy isn't sure what to do with herself because she doesn't have you to take care of.

Daddy: Daddy loves spending time with you. He loves to snuggle with you and lately you guys have been playing, especially right before shower time a lot. You guys have started having "deep conversations" with each other. Sometimes when you are upset, daddy is the only one who can calm you down. You are still his baby squirrel. He absolutely loves weekends when he can wake up with you because you are so happy and smiley.

Other: This month we got some hair ties and put your hair up in pigtails for the first time. Not only was it absolutely adorable but it totally changed your personality for the day. You were a hoot and quit sassy.


Dear baby girl,

I can't imagine you not in our life. It's crazy how you go from a life without you to a life with you in no time flat. I wish time would slow down! You're growing up WAY. TO. FAST. I'm still so glad that God picked your daddy and me to be your parents. Earl told us this week that you weren't just mine and daddy's but that you were all of our baby. Stay sweet and remember that mommy and daddy love you! By the way, you're beautiful!!



  1. this is so wonderful ! I can imagine someday her reading these and seeing what a wonderful start she had! Such a big girl already!

  2. Time is flying. It's great that you've got all this stuff documented. You'll be thankful you did it in the future.



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