Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Saturday Post {82}

Top 5 Posts of the Week
1. 365 - Midmonth photos 62-76

2. Megan's Trip - Biloxi, MS - Guest Post

3. Christmas Day

4. The Review Extravaganza - October thru December #2014RE
2014 Review Extravaganza

5. Christmas Eve

This Weeks Posts
The Review Extravaganza - October thru December #2014RE
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
10 Things to Smile About December
The Tops and Bottoms of 2014
Project 365 - 92-122 - {December}
5 1/2 Years Together!!

Blast from the Past
2014 - Week 13
2013 - What Blogging Means to Me
2012 - Lazy Saturday Afternoons
2011 - A Stockbrokers Dream
2010 - None

Recipes made from the Blog This Week
Banana Bread

Poulet Tchoupitoulas

Dixie's Sky High Biscuits 

Instagram Lately
Wow, I've been an Instagram slacker lately.

Week's Happenings
++Tbug turned 12
++New Years
++We finally got baby girl a Build-a-Bear which is something I've wanted to get her when she was born.
++We had friends staying with us for a few days
++Tbug and I went shopping for her Birthday present which she did but she didn't know about.
++Her big present was boots so I took her shopping/trying them on and then went back later and bought them


  1. I'm so behind on the blog! Need to catch up. Those biscuits are making me hungry!



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