Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Saturday Post {86}

Top 5 Posts of the Week
1. 365 - Midmonth photos 62-76

2. Megan's Trip - Biloxi, MS - Guest Post

3. 1 Year Anniversary Post

4. Socks are overrated

5. 6 Month Photos

This Weeks Posts
6 Month Photos
The Peanut Post - Month 7
10 Things to Smile About January
Socks are overrated
Something you lost... My mind!

Blast from the Past
2014 - Emotional Roller Coaster
2013 - I have a cold & Soup {recipe}
           Well Read Individual
2012 - T Town or Bust
2011 - It's a list, That's what I'm feeling!
2010 - There wasn't one.

Recipes made from the Blog This Week
Buttermilk Brownies, although I had it rough... I forgot to put the sugar in them... woops!

Banana Bread

"Easy" Spasagna

Week's Happenings
++I made brownies without sugar. Yes I've mentioned this multiple times. I'm still in shock.
++Hubby was out of town this week for work. I decided I'm not made to be a single parent.
++I scored one for talking about Scuba Diving in a Medieval British Literature class.

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