Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Peanut Post - Month 8

Stats: The scale says 17lb. I'm not really sure how tall she is though...

Wearing: You get by with 3-6 month onesies that are stretchy otherwise you're in 6 month outfits. When it comes to footed jammies you're in 9 month to get the length to factor in. Diapers are a size 3. You don't like shoes still but you have some that are a 2 which still fit, your water shoes (yes you've tried them on, no you haven't gotten in the water with them) and your boots. Otherwise all the 2's are too small for your feet.

Sleep: We still stick to the 4 B's before bed: bath (shower), bottle, burp, bed. You hate going to sleep and you fight it. You hate nap time and you fight it. One minute you're fighting it and the next your zonked. It's cute although I could do without the fighting it. As of late, you haven't slept through the night very well, you wake up, you worm around, you even get up to play but you're fairly easy to get back to sleep (knock on wood I didn't just screw that up!)

Behavior: You like to babble. I think we're getting close to our first words and could almost say it was dada but you don't call him that all the time so I'm just not sure. In the truck you like to screech a lot. It's the weirdest thing and I'm not sure if it is because the acoustics are different or what because you just typically babble in my car. You prefer to stand over sit. you prefer to sit over lay. You still like the baby in the mirror but I think that you have maybe learned you're looking at yourself? You don't like the walker at the house, you prefer the one at the dive shop. You love the activity center at grandma and grandpas.

Eating: You eat a bottle 4-5 times per day. 6-8 oz depending on the feeding and how hungry you seem. You also eat pureed food at least once or twice per day. We have also started trying soft foods, so far you've tried the bread at Outback, mandarin oranges, mango, noodles (from homemade Chicken and noodles), mashed potatoes, Fettuccine Alfredo, Lasagna, French Onion Soup and that's just what I can remember.

Appearance: You have GORGEOUS blue eyes! and most days your hair looks blonde, every now and again it looks strawberry blonde. Your attitude changes every time we put your hair up in pigtails.

Likes: You like to sit. You like to walk. You like to play. You like to be held. You like to talk. You like the baby in the mirror. You like baths (you've had a few lately). You like to watch the animals and pull the cats tail (she doesn't like it). You like your activity saucer. You like to be mobile. You like to crawl on the floor as long as someone is sitting with you on the floor.

Dislikes: You don't like pureed green beans. You don't like beards on men. You don't like shoes still. You don't like socks still. You don't care for nap time. You don't like to be alone.

Milestones: You're officially crawling!

Mommy: We've had our first colds in the house and it makes us all sad! None of us have felt very good the last couple weeks, you included. Mommy just absolutely adores you and misses you when you aren't with her. I feel so very blessed to have such a beautiful, wonderful baby as you. I hate when you start crying and I want to break down and cry with you.

Daddy: Daddy loves snuggling with baby. He gets upset when you don't feel good and he doesn't know how to help. He loves having your deep conversations. He really doesn't know what to do when you won't sleep though, when you start fighting. He absolutely loves being home on weekends so he can spend extra time with smiling, happy baby.

Other: Well we've had our first cold in the house. Yuck! Now if we could all get rid of it we'd all be better off!


Dear baby girl,

I'm sorry that you have that raspy cough. If I could take it away I would in a heart beat. You smell soooooo good by the way. I can do without you pulling my hair though! I have a lot of new growing in hair because of you. I thank God every day that you are my baby and I wouldn't change you. You're upset at me right now so I better keep this short and just know that mommy and daddy love you to pieces!


Apparently the monkey said something funny....

And that's a rap, we're outta here.


  1. Oh my gosh, she is sooo sweet, and growing so fast! What a little personality she's developing. Love seeing the pics and hearing about her progress at 8 months!! Hope everyone's feeling better soon. :)



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