Monday, March 30, 2015

Brain splat on Monday

++Today I'm feeling extremely overwhelmed.

++I may have even cried a bit while sitting in the middle of the library. But it made me feel a little better. I still feel overwhelmed though.

++Hubby said I get this way every semester and to relax, it all works out.

++I swear the spring semester is so much worse than the fall semester because you've been cooped up in doors so long during winter and now it's so nice and warm and sunny.

++I swear, Grad school has taught me I don't know how to write like I thought I did. I am learning and that's a good thing I guess... but oy!

++I have a headache.

++Last week in my Medieval British Literature class, one of the girls works in the writing center. The teacher is over the writing center. The girl was talking about giving up coffee, she drinks 5 cups per day. The teacher asked her if she needed to know that there was a coffee shortage approaching or something. The girl was like, nope it's just me.

++So in Writing for the Profession, we've been working on a paper for 2 semesters now. We've had 2 professors and lots of students read and give opinions on it. Last week one of the gals was like, It may be crap but it's well reviewed crap.

++I don't like Alexander Pope. No offense Mr. Pope but I'm done with you.

++Did you realize in 2 days we'll be in April? Seriously? No joking there... how did that happen?

++I had a good weekend. We went and hunted the Easter Bunny down :)

++My ears itch.

++I guess I should get back to working on homework before class tonight.

++One last thought, I like Cheddar and Sour Cream Ruffles


  1. I cannot believe it is almost April! seriously how did time go so fast? Hope this semester goes by quickly for you. And 5 cups of coffee a day! Yeah, she needs to cut back

  2. I feel you on being overwhelmed. For the first time in my life I can actually afford to have a horse, but I have no time for one ha ha! It is frustrating. I cannot believe that March flew by so fast! In April Carson will turn 5 and John and I will have been together 6 years!

  3. I cannot imagine how overwhelming school must be. Hang in there though, it will all be worth it in the end.

    I'm with is it April already?

  4. Haha.. "my ears itch"

    I think you should start planing a vacation! You deserve!

  5. Just said a prayer for strength and comfort for you girlie!

  6. I join you in feeling overwhelmed... I've been feeling stressed out & melting down for two months now. For different reasons, of course, but hang in there, friend - you are not alone!!

  7. How much more school do you have to get through before you have your degree?



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