Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Nicknames to haunt you...

So sometimes it is fun to use my blog as a place to remember events. One so event that hasn't been blogged about yet is my football jersey.

A couple years ago hubby and I were able to attend our first KC Chiefs game together. Not long after that hubby and I got our own jersey's to wear.

So one night I receive this picture from our friend who picked our jersey's up for us:
along with a text asking me what was wrong with this jersey.

My first response was it was supposed to say Boobger. Why boobger I have no earthly idea and from then on, I have termed myself the nickname Boobger.

What does it say? Blogger.

Yup, one wrong letter and I replaced the wrong letter. oy!


  1. Lol that is pretty funny! So do you wear it?

  2. So is your nickname Boobger, or Blogger, or Boogger? Is is supposed to say Blogger, or Boobger.....I am SO confused..... HAHAA!

  3. LOL That's funnier than shit! Hey boogger!



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