Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Five

5 thoughts:

1. I've spent most of the week writing a paper. It was due at 9am this morning. I sent the professor a question on Wednesday and she finally answered me at 11:30 this morning. I'm glad I turned my rough draft in and didn't wait on her to answer my question!

2. Hubby was out of town this week for work for a couple days. I kind of felt like a single parent. I wasn't real crazy about it but I survived!

3. My grandma is going out of town next week for a couple weeks. Please say a prayer for safe travels for her!

4. I have one more week of classes, one week of finals and I'm out for the summer. This summer I'll be busy reading 50+ books for comps next fall. YIKES! I'm scared!

5. Today and tomorrow the Dive shop that I dive with and am doing my internship with is having a huge Warehouse Sale. It looked like they might get rained out this morning but we didn't. Instead it's just been cloudy and cool all day. Oh and part of the day we listened to 80's music.... wow I didn't realize I knew so much of it (read that as all of it) and then the other part of the day we listened to Latin/Island music... that was a bit weird.

5 pictures:

I'm so glad I turned my paper in without the question answered. It's just a rough draft and she didn't answer me until 2 1/2 hours after the paper was due.

Don't ride with me if you plan on being somewhere on time. I usually hit every stop light along the way. I claim major feat when I can make it through 1 green light.

I've started planning baby girl's 1st birthday. Her boots came in!! These are for her outfit.

This tippy cup rode right there just like that for 3 days. Then hubby took my car and filled it up for me and now it's laying on its side still sitting there. I might say that 2 of those days I drove 80+ miles a piece. The third day wasn't quite that many miles but pretty dang close.

This picture cracks me up still. Just what the windshield says.

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  1. Sounds like you had a busy week. It's always hard when the hubs is out of town, but it sounds like you had a positive attitude about it. That makes all the difference!

  2. What are the 50 books you'll have to read this summer? Only two more weeks of school - that's great! Just wait till you find a sippy cup that has been missing for weeks. My advice is to just throw it away. The stink inside will make you gag/puke/sick if you try to clean it out.

  3. Five great things this week, just so you know I have been so bloody busy doing who knows what that I have been away from blogland a bit

  4. Those little boots are beyond adorable! Love them! That would drive me crazy waiting to hear from the professor like that. Whenever Eric goes out of town I definitely gain a lot more respect for the single parents, I just don't think I could do it, I might go crazy. :) So glad you linked up!!



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