Friday, May 22, 2015

The Three B's

Seems like I've had baby girl sleeping through the night since early months old. I try to keep her to a routine... the Three B's. It used to be the Four B's but we deleted "burp" from the bedtime routine.

What are the Three B's you ask? Bath, Bottle, Bed. Now I know they say you shouldn't do bottles before bed once they start getting teeth, but the fact of the matter is, she'll sleep through the night because she has a full belly.  I'm not sure who they is... professionals maybe? Either way it works for this baby for now!! :).

On top of the three B's she has her two animals that she prefers to sleep with. One is a floppy horse. Her favorite part is the butt part because of the tags. We laugh and laugh but she LOVES tags.

Since she loves tags so much we actually found a brand of baby things called Taggies. So we ordered her a monkey taggie and she absolutely LOVES her taggie.

I don't complain about my baby squirrel sleeping though. She'll fight sleep for a few minutes before she goes to sleep but from there she's a great sleeper. We do make sure if we're traveling to take the horse and now monkey with us so that we can create a similar atmosphere to sleeping at home.

I always read that if you can create similarities that they'll sleep anywhere. Must be nice. I want to be a baby again so I can sleep anywhere and everywhere. As a kid I used to so hopefully she'll get her sleeping habits from me.

Now fun story on her daddy: He was at church one time for church service. When they got home that day he was supposed to mow the lawn. He accidentally fell asleep at church. At that time their church was being built so they were on metal fold up chairs. In his dream he went to crank the mower over and did the action and flipped himself right out of his chair, crashed chairs all into each other and fell on the floor. And that my friends is my husband!

So are you still one of the lucky ones who can sleep anywhere at anytime? Please give me some tips. I used to be able to until I grew up...


  1. i can only sleep in my bed. if i am lucky on the couch if need be.

    Bottles are ok at bedtime, they say a rinse with water is good to get the milk out (i have personally seen rotten teeth from it) and no bottle in bed.

    That is funny story lol.

  2. lol I can just imagine your Hubby flipping right out of that chair! My kids all loved tags too. I wonder why, seems odd doesn't it? Maybe cuz they are soft/smooth feeling?

  3. I loved having a routine with Carson when he was that age -- it made bedtime so much easier. Whenever we fell out of the routine I had a hard time getting him to sleep. Carson can sleep anywhere at any time ha ha. He fell asleep at the races the other weekend and those cars were loud! He also slept through the fireworks show that night. I used to be able to sleep anywhere, not too much now unless I am really tired.



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