Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Lazy Dawg Days of Summer

Let's set the record strait, yes, we have a swimming pool. No we didn't open it this year. There's lots of reasons why that I don't feel like going into right now, but yes, yes we do have a swimming pool.

Sunday the weather was sunny and hot! Hubby, Tbug, Abug and I went to run a few errands and then come back to the house so hubby could help work on the tractor and the baler (2 separate things... not one thing involving both... sadly!)

I figured that Abug would LOVE to play outside so I went and got a horse watering trough that we actually used for sheep and filled it with water for Tbug and Abug to play in. It really was the perfect size pool for Abug. She can stand up and sit down and stand up and sit down and so on... you get the point. I got Tbug a chair and said either A) sit in the chair and stick your feet in or B) get in and play with her.

Once we got them all set up in the shade, I left them up by the house where dad and hubby were working right beside them on the tractor and I went and jumped in the other tractor and went and raked hay. Should I mention I ran the other tractor out of hydraulic fluid? There was a line that busted... #fail! Luckily it happened right as I finished up my last row to rake so I parked the tractor and went back to the girls.

Abug got cold so Tbug was taking her in the house to dry them all off and then Abug went down for a nap.

It was after this that we set the field on fire but I'm still not ready to talk about that...

p.s. Don't worry, I cleaned the water trough out with soap and water before they got in :)


  1. We as in Tim and I have never had a pool as we don't have the yard for one, but a few years ago when we had some friends of Jessica's staying here (boarding) they bought an inflatable pool and had it set up in the back yard and have to say I even got in it a few times it was nice........I always think little ones love being in a pool as long as they are closely watched

  2. Awe.. Cute pictures! I really like the black and white option.
    My Hubby is tired of the pool... Kids use it when it's hot but it sure hasn't been consistently hot for a few years now. I told him the season we finally decide to get rid of it is when the weather will change and we'll really need it.



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