Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Random Smathering of Crap... aka... Brain dump ha!

I swear, there are days when I can't get my brain to shut down. I'm not sure what was up this morning but I woke up with all these random thoughts and decided I needed to try and get them out of my head so here I am, writing them down. That means you get a random Tuesday post courtesy of yours truly :).
  • So in the last week I've made 2 really dumb comments. I really wanted to question myself how I got out of bed that morning without hurting myself but whatever.... 
    • Comment one... I went to the lake over the weekend and got pink on my shoulders, AGAIN! I was like geez wouldn't you think eventually this would quit happening. Well yes, it might but really... I guess that Greek blood didn't come through on me because I'm fairly fair complected :(.
    • Comment two... This was a real doozy... Benjamin Franklin was a president. Yes, yes I said that even though I knew it wasn't true. I did however find out he was the president of Pennsylvania which is basically like a governor. But whatever, it slipped out of my mouth and I felt like an idiot the minute I said it. Oy!
      • Hmmm maybe I shouldn't have shared those.... I swear I have a brain!
  • For some reason I have the song "Kiss from a Rose" stuck in my head. I have no idea why. I don't really listen to that song but there is a part of that song that is playing over and over and over and over in my head and it's about to drive me nuts. I was hoping that putting that out in writing would MAKE. IT. GO. AWAY. NOW!!!!!  :).
  • So here's a good random one... Few weeks ago a guy I went to school from 2nd grade on had a post on his facebook page that said tell me your earliest memory of me. Mine actually went back to 2nd grade. He sat behind me in class and one day I was being ornery and kept taking his pencil away from him. Don't remember why or what was provoking me to do that but I did. I had like 10 of his pencils lined up in a row on my desk. Every time I took his away, he'd get another one out.
  • Speaking of 2nd grade, Mrs. McCune called me up to her desk one day. She told me that she knew that I was the instagator for all the kids around me talking but she couldn't catch me in the act. I spoke to quietly and I was too quick for her to catch me, so I needed to quit getting everyone around me in trouble. ha! 
    • I've always said you need to watch out for the quiet ones.....
    • And I don't remember anything... Although this proves that hubby might be right. ugh!
  • A few weeks ago I bruised a rib on my right side. I have no idea how although a friend suspects that when I was coughing so hard a few weeks before it might have happened from that. I can tell you at times it hurts to breathe, cough, don't even try sneezing. OUCH!
  • And on that note, I've been sick a lot this summer. Definitely more so than I usually EVER am. Maybe I'm making up for lost time.
  • Last week the radio said that we were supposed to have a chance of rain today. That would be good for our hayfield to start growing again, although it already has started coming back.
    • I woke up this morning aching which is a sign the weather is changing. 
      • I love you Arthur. ha! My grandpa had Arthritis horribly and they say it is hereditary. Yey! Oh well wouldn't change my grandpa for the world! 
    • Weather channel app said 20% chance. Seriously?!?!
    • But we're supposed to have a 60% chance tomorrow.
      • Don't like it, stick around 30 minutes, it'll change. Missouri weather is notorious for that!
  • I told you my head was full of useless information this morning!
  • Today is voting day. I know how I'm voting. And yes, I will go vote!
  • When I turned 18 my dad asked if I was going to register to vote. Truthfully I didn't know where to go so I drug my feet. Then one year, in fact it was the year of the presidential election when Bush was voted in a 2nd term, that summer I was at the state fair and they were helping people get registered so I registered. My dad then told me my great grandmother would have been proud of me because she was totally for women having a say in things.
  • Wow I didn't realize it was as early as what it is... I just started sending Tbug screen shots of things and she responded at 7am. Kid... it's summer shouldn't you be sleeping in. ha!
  • I seriously thought I needed my head examined yesterday. I hate snow. And I was sitting here thinking how pretty it is and the nice cool temperatures and Christmas... Seriously, am I sick or what!
    • It might have stemmed from the fact yesterday morning I woke up thinking about the movies The Holiday and Love Actually.
      • Random fact number like 2343w09u8990... sure we should have those letters in with that number, why not..... I watched Love Actually in theaters 3 times when it came out. Different people wanted to watch it and I went. 
      • Typically I don't watch movies that much in theaters.
And if you made it this far in this post, you must be really bored. So sorry but I really was doing a brain dump to try and shut my brain thoughts down. At least quiet them down a bit! OY! And because every post needs a picture... how about a picture of me riding my horse Shorty back in 1998 because... why not!

p.s. Now I'm singing Blake Shelton's It'd sure be cool if you did song... title?


  1. We all have days when we think what the hell why did I say that, or why on earth did I do that



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