Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Peanut Post: Abugisms & 14 Month Update

14 Months on the 26th
  •  We're having to slowly move out your 6 month clothes, you're too long/tall for them.
  • You're wearing size 4 diapers.
  • The other day you handed grandma a diaper, she figured that meant you needed a changing.
  • You fight naps, but by the end of the night if you haven't had a nap you're a little cranky.
  • You love bed time even though you sometimes fight sleep.
  • No naps though make you fall asleep immediately.
  • When I can do it, you have 2 naps a day adding up to around 3 hours.
  • You love to greet everyone you meet and you don't understand when they don't reciprocate.
  • You're walking, but only when you want to.
  • You stand up like it's nothing, even from the middle of the floor.
  • You say no to everything which is sometimes comical.
  • You have learned yes though.
  • When you use yes and no, most times you use it correctly.
  • You love real food. Now we're fighting times when you "don't like something" yet you really do. oy!
  • You still only have 4 teeth.
  • You love having your teeth brushed.
  • You really need a bang cut at least because pulling it up won't keep it completely out of your eyes anymore. I think though we're not going to cut your hair, instead we'll grow it out. A ponytail will just have to help for now.
  • Any time you see Grandpa J you jump into his arms.
  • You love having Tbug around
  • You enjoy the water.
  • You love bath time.
  • You are a wild child.
  • For months you've been sticking our tongue out and going pbbbbbbbbbb (spelling??) But now you say Hi and then go ppppbbbbbbbbbbb. We've been working on stopping that. While it is cute, sometimes you over do it and we need to teach you when it is and isn't appropriate.
  • One night we went to pick you up at grandma and grandpas, you were asleep and immediately woke up, looked at Tbug (who was with us) and that's how you greeted her, ppppbbbbbbbb.
  • You love to climb in and out of chairs. For hours on end!
  • You'll give fives!
  • Recently you've been giving people fives with other people's hands. If someone asks for a five, you grab a second person's hand and give the first person the five.
  • You know where your nose is, your mouth, your eyes and we're working on ears.
  • You know where mommy's nose (and eyes and mouth) is too!
  • You've learned to climb up on mommy and daddy's bed... I'm not sure I'm ready for that one.
  • You've learned to climb down off of mommy and daddy's bed (definitely not ready for that). 
  • You've learned how to "blow" kisses 
  • When you get mad you've started trying to bite a person. We've quickly had to put a stop to that. I don't know where you decided to pick that one up although daddy said that is a natural habit.
  • Also when you get mad you wipe your hand across your mouth very quickly and sternly and growl. It's funny but I try not to laugh at you because I don't want you to continue that habit.
  • Also when you get mad you've started small pinches to your arm or mine (or the adult around you). Again, not sure where this came from and we've quickly put a stop to that.
  • I definitely wouldn't change you for the world! Your daddy and I love you with all our heart!


  1. You're little Abug is soooo cute and growing fast! Adorable kiddo!!

  2. She is adorable. Still can't get over how much hair she has.



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