Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Peanut Post: a 15 Month Update

How in the world did this beautiful little girl turn 15 months old? So how about an update on this little spitfire...
  • We don't walk, we run... full blast, everywhere!
  • She knows her eyes, nose, mouth, ears, belly, right foot, right hand, left foot and left hand. Don't ask her where her butt is, please! Yes she knows but don't ask her....
  • She calls the cat and dog by cat and dog.
  • She has her animals that she likes, but only from a distance.
  • She LOVES to ride horses and gets mad when she is taken off of one.
  • She has added people to her favorite people list.
  • She'll talk your leg off, even if you don't know what she's saying.
  • Loves shoes. Although sometimes she only wants one on.
  • She'll also steal your shoes and try to put them on.
  • She's to long for 6 month onesies and for some of her 12 month onesies.
  • Her shoe size, we're having to move up a size in most shoes to a 5.
  • Still only have 4 teeth in but another one is breaking the surface, slowly.
  • She lost her right big toe nail but it's growing back nicely.
  • She loves to give kisses.
  • Fights sleep like it's the devil.
  • Loves her taggies Monkey and her baby doll.
  • Loves books, including mine.
    • In fact, she decided to get a pen and draw in mine here recently.
  • Loves stuffed animals.
  • When she gets into things and you tell her to put it back, she will. Doesn't mean she leaves it there but she does put it back.
  • Waves at everyone at the store, restaurant, building, place you are. She should be an official door greeter.
  • Did I mention she LOVES to ride horses? 
  • And she hates our dogs :(


  1. Oh how adorable, she doesn't look to happy in the photo though, it a don't take my photo look I am not on a horse and I only like to sit on horses not this silly car. I bet with only four teeth she can still give a good bite, that is if she is a biter one of my daughters was a biter.

  2. That is not good about the dog, but hey at least she loves horses! :) This picture is so cute, she is so big!



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