Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thursday's Food for Thought

Tbug and I were driving down the road one day. She's constantly telling me this that and everything else. It's a joke with my dad that it is payback for the years I spent talking his leg off about everything under the sun.

Anyway we drove past a corn field and she proceeded to tell me something that my Mother in law told her. Now I was not involved in the conversation where my mother in law is concerned, I just got the story relayed to me by Tbug. But supposedly my MIL said that a farmer plants the outside rows of corn for people to come by and take as they please.

I'm pretty sure I had to pick my jaw up off the ground. Then proceeded to tell Tbug that is not the case. Farmers aren't out to give away free food. They are out to make food for consumers that is good quality to feed the masses. That farmer also makes a living off his crop, whether it be a crop of corn, soybeans (pictured above), dairy or cattle.

Now the reality of the situation is, yes, people stop and steal corn from those first few rows of a farmers field. I hear they are really good if you roast them, however I've never stolen from a farmers field. He isn't oblivious to the fact that people do snatch ears of corn from his harvest, but he doesn't plant those ears there for people to take at their free will.

I'm not really sure what my MIL said to Tbug, obviously I can only relay to you what she relayed to me... but it just goes to show you that kids will believe anything you say so you have to be careful in the messages that you relay to them and make sure that they know what you really mean versus what you say because you've learned the difference.

There's food for thought on a Thursday. By the way I take comps tonight... I'm about to freak out. That's all :).


  1. I think I just had to pick my jaw up off the floor! I have NEVER heard that before, and I live in a farming community... I never even considered the thought that people might take corn from the first few rows of a field. Whoa! Now I'm gonna have to ask some of my farmer friends if this actually happens around here... I hope not!!!

  2. Hmmmm. That's interesting. And around here, most people plant corn for ANIMAL feed, not people food. Not that it will hurt you, but you're eating field corn, not sweet corn :0! But you are right on . . . farmers are nice people, but they have to make a profit just like everybody else. If you didn't plant it, it ain't yours!!!



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