Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Firefox and I are Breaking Up

That blog post title says it all! I'm really starting to hate firefox. Someone at work years ago (I worked there from 2006-2013) switched me from Internet Explorer to Firefox because I was having so many issues with IE. Now... Firefox is constantly, I'm talking constantly freezing up on me. Ugh! I've had people trying to convince me to change to Chrome for a while now... I guess I finally gave in because Firefox is upsetting me so much.

Wow, am I really going to write an entire blogpost on how Firefox upsets me? No, don't worry. I could talk about how cold my feet are. I think winter is coming and I'm not real sure I'm ready for that. My knees show it worse than anything.... It can be 110 degrees outside and my knees will feel like they've been in the freezer. I can't explain it. My dad's knees are that way too.

I wrote out our shopping list/meal plan for Thanksgiving. I think Thanksgiving is the only time of the year I write a meal plan. Maybe Christmas... maybe not. That really depends on if I'm cooking or not. If you didn't know this about me, I love to cook.

Looking back through blogposts I ran across a list of jobs I need to accomplish in my life. I giggled. I usually just add to it. At one point or another it has included

  • Hair dresser
  • clothing designer
  • lawyer
  • doctor
  • Horse trainer
  • car repair person
And really that's just a few. Clothing designer, not because I'm such a fashionista type person
case in point:

It's more because I have long legs and jeans that are "tall" are never long enough and jeans that are "average" are high waters. I'm really not that tall... I just have long legs. If you sit next to me (even if you are shorter than me) there's a pretty good chance that you'll sit taller than I do, and not because I slouch all the time... even if I sit up straight and tall.

This is a very discombobulated post I realize, sorry! I've been working on homework. I got comps out of the way, although not really because I didn't pass so I have to retake, but now comes the crunch of the end of the semester. 10 page paper, 20 page paper, and a list of instructions.

The instructions sound easy enough, and they aren't difficult but...... I have them typed out, now I have to go back and add pictures and put it in Microsoft style manual type writing. Wish me luck!

It's hard to believe that we're one week away plus one day from Thanksgiving. I'm okay with that.... I like to eat good food. We've learned that about me though... but at the same time, that means the end of the semester is creeping up quickly which scares me!

So one last thought... there is a bag of styrofoam cups sitting in a bag on the floor beside me. Abug has been bringing them to me....

And that's life on this Wednesday morning/noon/afternoon.....


  1. Honestly, I CAN understand. About a year ago Chrome went through a disaster cleverly disguised as an "update" wasn't. It was HORRIBLE. After wasting two days digging blindly in the rubble of what was my computer...bookmarks....LIFE, I gave up and migrated elsewhere. So I get it. Life's designed to teach us skills for stuff like this, isn't it? Hang in there :)

  2. I started using Firefox because I heard Internet Explorer had malware, virus, something?? I know nothing about them there things. So until it pisses me off, I'll stay with it. I have Chrome on my computer too because I think I tried it a time or two.

    I don't understand about the cups. Maybe I didn't read carefully enough. With all of those words I sometimes skim for the main idea and miss it. My eyes aren't as good as they used to be so it's hard for me to read tiny, dim print. Sorry.

    Good luck on Thanksgiving menu. I've told blog world before that Rick doesn't like turkey, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and pie of any kind. That really puts a crimp in my planning and cooking.

  3. Girl I totally feel you with hating Firefox! I gave up on it about 2 months ago. I am using Chrome now...cant say it is 100% better but at least it doesn't freeze on me. Good Luck

  4. We went to Chrome too. I like it.



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