Monday, November 9, 2015

Men's Ride

Yeah, like I know what happened on the Men's Ride. Heck... I'm not a man last I knew, but the other day one of hubby's friends did call me bro. I have no idea... whatever.

So here's what squirrel girl and I did while hubby was off with the Missouri Governor's Mounted Guard Men's Ride.

I finally, finally got my picture door hung in my kitchen. Now I just need to decide on photos. Ack!

Dad had to go to Kansas City on Friday. He had a rental car. Hubby forgot the keys to the horse trailer at our house so I met him at my parents and my parents invited baby girl and me to dinner. When we left the airport (taking the rental back) we were going to go to one restaurant for dinner.

Didn't happen. Long story short, we were ignored for 5 minutes, waitress walked past us 4 or 5 times without acknowledging us. Finally a server came over and basically said the kitchen was backed up and we needed to leave. Really, it's a local business, not a chain restaurant. How do they plan to stay in business like that?

So we went to a different restaurant called Sawmill BBQ. Soooooo glad we did!

Not only was the service great but the food was freakin fantastic. I got burnt ends. It came with 2 sides so I got Mac and Cheese (for the baby girl, she shared grandpa's beans and my burnt ends with me too!!) and Jalapeño Pork Mac and Cheese for me. OMG, the Jalapeño Pork mac and cheese is the whole reason to go there. Not kidding! Oh and those burnt ends, fabulous! Mom and dad both got ribs. We got a doggy bag for the dogs to get the bones. They didn't get meat from the bones. Yes, it was that good.

Mom got a side of onion rings. I stole one which lead to me stealing another one. Wow! Mom compared them to fair onion rings. I don't know but they were pretty tasty!

Then we went home.

Saturday morning mom decided she wanted to do something so we decided to go to Springfield. Once we got there it was lunch time. Yes, this post revolves around food. We ate lunch at Houlihan's. It was good!

This right here is the whole reason to go there. Classic Spinach dip with Cheesy Lavosh crackers.

I had Karen over for dinner Saturday night. Mom and I went to a real grocery store (not versus a fake one but versus Walmart. Hello middle America.). We went to Hyvee. They had already made Chicken breasts. I got 2 for hubby and me for Sunday. One was the Cowboy, chicken, bbq sauce, cheese, jalapeños and mushrooms. YUM! the other was a tripple cheese, swiss, cheddar and I think the third was parmesan but I can't remember. The other was better but this was good. Both were wrapped in bacon.

But for Karen, Abug and I made our own stuffed chicken. Cream cheese, chives, season salt, Emeril's seasoning, Chicken breast pounded thin/flat and bacon. Yum!

I made mashed potatoes both nights. Hello, this is the 3rd time I've made mashed potatoes in my life that I can recall. Maybe I've made them before but I don't really think so/remember. My potatoes lack something still. I'll keep perfecting them!

And that was my weekend. Oh and dealing with our mail lady. This is a battle that has been going on for a couple months now. She's getting rewarded for doing wrong. I wish I had a job where that would happen and I wouldn't lose my job.... But whatever. I'm over it!


  1. I will have to try that the next trip to JOMO. I normally drive down once a year or so to visit my BFF but life gets busy. When I go to Springfield, I love Thai Pepper but friends picked a BBQ place, that was ok, last time I was down there for a Cardinals game. Thanks for recommending a new place to eat next time I'm back in the old stomping grounds.

  2. Looks like great food. I love the picture door. Lots of cheese in those pictures. I think I got fat just looking at the pictures.

  3. You were meant to eat at the better place, well that is the way I would think of it, good food is always good, just saying

  4. i would have complained to the manager/owner after the fact. I just can't keep that shit in. Part of it is if people get away with it they keep doing it. I have NEVER heard of being asked to leave, that is just crazy.

    that meat looks so good. I am on day like 35 without a real meal or something like that. I am hoping i can eat a bit of turkey and a bun by our christmas on the 19th. Everything tastes funny right now bleh.



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