Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Peanut Post - A 17 Month Update

  • You know how to fist bump and blow it up.
  • You know the word sissy and by the way, you absolutely LOVE your sister.
  • If we ask, do you want a ba (bottle) you immediately lay down and are ready for the ba.
  • You LOVE banana's (nana). 
  • If we say Banana, you go crazy saying nana.
  • If asked if you want a banana, you'll drag whoever you can into the kitchen where they are sitting and go crazy about wanting one.
  • We have to call them yellow dawgs so you don't know the word banana.
  • You're working on fine motor skills, placing things in an object (say a basket) and taking them out and repeat.
  • you say momma, dada, da (dog), ca (cat), nana (banana), this, that, here, yes, no, hi, bye, ba (bottle)
  • To get pants long enough you're in 18 month to 2T but you can fit in clothes that are 9 months and 12 months as long as length isn't an issue.
  • You are putting on a little weight, I've been told that means you're getting ready for a growth spurt.
  • You have 4 teeth trying to break through.
  • You've learned how to scream.
  • Shoes you're wearing a 5/6.
  • You like to feed yourself. If I can't convince you to take a bite, I give you the spoon/fork and you'll take that bite.
  • You like donuts. 
  • Sweet Tea and water are your drinks of choice. You do like flavored waters and Black Cherry Koolaid also.
  • You usually have 2 bottles a day, but sometimes you have 3.
  • You still have/love the binkie. I'd like to get rid of it but... we haven't.
  • You hate sleeping under covers until you're asleep and I cover you up.
  • You are at about 1 nap per day, if you haven't had much of a nap, you're ready for bed come bedtime.
  • Sometimes you avoid sleep like the plague and you fight it hard.
  • Still blonde hair. It is usually pulled up most days to keep it out of your eyes, but it isn't long enough for a single ponytail yet.
Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Oh what a cute little Thanksgiving outfit on Peanut! She is so cute. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family!!

  2. You have a little girl? I really am behind. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. That outfit is beyond adorable! She is getting so, so big!! Happy Thanksgiving :)



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