Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Peanut Post - An 18 Month Update

  • Where to begin?!?!
  • You thoroughly enjoyed Christmas but opening presents I think you went in to system overload because you got to the point you didn't want to anymore.
  • You like stealing people's shoes and wearing them on your own feet now.
  • You have this face you can make on command or if you think someone farted (including yourself)
  • You've added these words to your vocabulary:
    • Bite
    • Drink
    • Sissy
  • You love Grandpa's new dog.
  • You still love the binkie. I sometimes wonder if it hasn't become your fearless plug.
  • You almost have enough hair to do pigtails and keep it all up and out of your face.
  • You don't like the dancing santa that is about a foot and a half tall.
  • You weren't crazy about sitting on Cowboy Santa's lap without sissy around.
  • You're still wearing size 4 diaper. We keep talking like we'll start potty training you because some days you seem interested.
  • You hid your sippy cup one day and mommy nor daddy could find it. You pulled it out of thin air the next day. I still don't know where you hid it.
  • You've enjoyed playing with little kids your age, although you weren't sure what to think of the little girl who shoved you one day. (she didn't shove you down, just hand on shoulder/shoved you).
  • When it comes to clothes, you wear a 6-12 month outfit but if it is pants, way to short. 6 months are starting to get tight. To get pants long enough you have to wear 18 month or 2T. 2T pants are way to big on the waist but fit fairly decent on the legs.
  • You don't care for your cowboy boots (yet!).
  • I'm pretty sure grandpa and Memaw are your favorite people unless Tbug is around and then no one else matters.
  • You did great helping place presents under the tree and I didn't have to put anything around the tree. You left the ornaments alone as well as the presents. You only tried to open one of Tbug's presents as you were carrying it to the tree to help.
  • You helped me wrap Christmas presents. Helped as in stole my pen, scissors, tape, stood on the paper, etc, but I wouldn't have changed it for the world. I may only get to experience all this just once.
I'm not sure how you've turned in to a year and a half year old but it's been such a fun experience. I can't wait to see what comes next! Merry Christmas little one!

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  1. Christmas is mostly a time for children, but yeah many children get tired of opening presents from so many different people, it is amazing at times how a child can "hide" something and we can't find it and then hours or days later they just have said item again and we are clueless as to were it was



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