Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wee WeeChoo

If you've never read the Chihuahua Christmas story, then that title says nothing to you. Basically it's the male saying come on please. The female saying not tonight baby. so on and so forth until she gives in and they go "Wee Weechoo a Merry Christmas, wee weechoo a Merry Christmas, wee weechoo a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year."

This last weekend happened to be the only chance to get our tree decorated while Tbug was with us, and I've said it before, I want her to feel included. Our next opportunity with her to decorate the tree would have been the afternoon of Christmas. Yeah... so this weekend it was.

Abug had a ball decorating and as you can see from our picture, there's the family portion and the Abug portion of the tree. We kept ornaments that if she decided to take them off, it wouldn't break them.... hopefully. No guarantees.

And don't judge the way I look. I wanted proof that I was here, so pictures prove that. I just wasn't picture ready, whatever! We listened to Christmas music and it was a great afternoon. We were also rushing to get it done because I had a photoshoot later in the afternoon for a friend of ours family photos.

And I took my traditional tongue stuck out picture just for my mom because it makes her sooooo happy at me :). Love you mom :).


  1. By the way things look around here, I think a lot of people got their trees up this past weekend! Of course mine's been up since Nov. 15, but I've kept the blinds closed in case people judged... my niece Danica told me Sunday morning she looked in lots of windows on their drive up, and she saw lots of trees, she thought it was OK for me to open my blinds now! haha!

  2. Yeah for tree decorating! We have all three (yes three) up but only two are decorated. I realized I did not get any pictures of the other two being decorated, I had better when the third is!

  3. Making memories together is the main thing :)
    Beautiful tree.



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