Friday, January 8, 2016

365 - December - Photos 92-122 - Take 2

92/365 - Such a Profound picture right here!

93/365 - Another profound picture. But I was editing photos, reading a book, and working on a paper at some point during this can of coke.

94/365 - Red Velvet Peppermint Kisses

95/365 - Sometimes papers have to be rewritten/finished and this is the daily view...

96/365 - Abug got a bling belt similar to sissy's for $8! Score!

97/365 - Thank you darling husband for washing my car even if you were annoyed because I wanted it handwashed, not automatically... I love you!

98/365 - I've spent so much time sitting at the table writing papers... baby girl brought her pillow and blanket in to lay with mommy. I think someone missed me....

99/365 - God is Good!

100/365 - Another semester of grad school finished. I couldn't find the professors mailbox so another professor suggested slipping it under the door. I took a pic as proof!

101/365 - Grandpa and his girls

102/365 - Year 2 with Santa and not crying = success in my book!

103/365 - Tbug's first time to the NCHA Futurity in Ft. Worth, Texas!

104/365 - Entertaining themselves on the drive home from Ft. Worth. Never a dull moment... haha!

105/365 - I may have opened this Christmas present to make sure it wasn't cracked, then I put it back in the box and now I get to wrap it, to open on Christmas. I was there when it was bought so no surprise

106/365 - The baby (as in Abug) really likes fruit snacks. They really aren't bad either....

107/365 - Momma's little helper! And yes those are post its... I need to buy tags for presents

108/365 - Don't you wish you could be this awesome... Tall socks and shorts

109/365 - In house made egg roll... At PF Changs, not my house!

110/365 - She might be upset someday about this picture... LOL. Story behind the nose... dad had a co-worker who passed away from cancer. At the funeral everyone was given a clown nose to wear. Since then it's been in my dad's truck. Abug plays with it from time to time. 

111/365 - Naptime with the bug. Loving it!

112/365 - Peppermint Bark, yes please!

113/365 - Can you believe it is almost over for the year. I love this time of year, don't worry, my tree will be up until like February....

114/365 - Thank you Deb & SW for the Christmas present!!

115/365 - This is what happens when Mommy leaves her camera out next to the Santa Cookies... Santa and his elves play with it....

116/365 - Watch out world! Merry Christmas!

117/365 - She loves peppermint. It can be peppermint bark, a peppermint or a candy cane. Doesn't matter what it is, she loves peppermint.

118/365 - Lake meets River.... Hello Flood of December 2015

119/365 - First flooding rain, then snow. Sure why not. I love you Missouri weather!

120/365 - Sisterly love while watching a movie

121/365 - It's fun to turn his Christmas present around on him smile emoticon(truth be told, I walked up and put the suction cup arrow on his forehead... I'm not that good of a shot sadly. ha!)

122/365 - Fondue to bring in the New Year, don't mind if I do!

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