Friday, February 26, 2016

The Peanut Post - A 20 Month Update

  • 50 million times a day... ride ride ride ride. I think that makes it only appropriate to include a picture of you on a horse!
  • Shoes, you're in a size 6, although some of yours that size are getting small... very close to size 7.
  • Clothes are still 18 month to 2 year. The 2 year fit length wise better, the 18 month fit better around the waist.
  • You LOVE to ride horses!
  • I'm back and forth on thinking you're ready to be potty trained.... So right now, size 4 diapers still... but we're so close to moving on! I think.
  • You're trying soooooo hard to form sentences. Words, but sentences. I have a feeling you're going to start talking 90 to nothing in 0 flat....
  • You're riding your rocking horses.
  • Terrible two's have kind of started. They've been off and on starting since 18 months... but that's okay!
  • You still use that yucky binkie.
  • You love to eat. Although some weeks we eat every other day, and the off day you just much. It's weird. Maybe I need to take eating tips from you.
  • Did I mention you love to ride?
  • So many great phrases. I need to start recording them for you!
  • You Love:
    • T Tea - Sweet Tea
    • Pa-pa - Grandpa
    • Mam-ma - Grandma
    • Memaw - Memaw
    • Tissy - Sissy
    • Dada - Daddy
    • Momma - Mommy
    • Cheese enchiladas
    • Salsa
I love you baby girl!

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