Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Peanut Post - A 21 Month Update

  • Oh kid, you light up my life and rock my world. You are so much fun
  • You are learning new things every day, and mommy needs to watch what she says... example oh crap. ha!
  • You love fruit and ice cream and really most food.
  • You eat about every other day really well and nit pick the off day.
  • When you want a drink it is Teat Tea (aka sweet tea) no matter what you are drinking.
  • I think we must visit Sonic too much because the minute we pull in to one you start in on the teat tea.
  • You love to ride. sometimes you'll call them hor (horse) and other times it's ride, ride, ride, ride.
  • You will drag anyone you can to the barn to ride and know exactly where oha (Aloha's) stall is.
  • If you're at Jared and Karen's you're pretty good at talking them into riding too.
  • You're not spoiled or anything :).
  • Shoes, you're outgrowing your size 6's but you can still just barely fit into them.
  • clothes, you're 18 months +.
  • diapers, size 5, but you're initiating the move to potty training very quickly. I know I've said that before but you're the one initiating this.
  • I still won't cut your hair. 
  • You love the outdoors.
  • You could be a Walmart greeter the way you tell everyone hi. 
  • You can't spell but you know how to use my phone and sent grandma a text message the other day.
  • You love your sissy (tissy)
  • I'm pretty sure you know all the major body parts now.
  • You love your pack pack and purses.
  • You tried carrying your diaper bag and it about pulled you over backwards.
  • Music... you love music.
  • Your favorite tv shows if you pay attention to anything are Paw Patrol and Mickey Mouse Club House.
  • You can make a gloomy day bright
  • When you don't get your way you throw yourself on the floor for attention.
  • If someone says ow you ask, Okay? and will continue to ask until they respond they are okay.
  • If you fall, you'll stand up as long as you aren't hurt and yell I Okay. If you're hurt, then you cry.
  • You give the best kisses and hugs.



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