Saturday, April 2, 2016

365 - March - Photos 183-213 - Take 2

183/365 - Studying... (halfway point of this 365 project!!)

184/365 - It started with Red Velvet Oreos... now we're trying Green Velvet Oreos. Oh and when the plate was sitting on the counter waiting for tomorrow... the baby may have stolen one. I love that little girl! (and I guess she isn't a baby anymore... let's say the toddler)

185/365 - Corned Beef & Cabbage, Potatoes, & Reuben Rolls. It's what's for dinner.... (oh and Salad bar!!)

186/365 - Someone wanted to carry her own diaper bag so I said, have funsmile emoticon. I had to help keep her upright though... it kept trying to pull her over backwards. It was cute and funny all at the same time!

187/365 - Gorgeous sunset in Southern Oklahoma!! After 2 flat tires on the Gator the Vikiing came to our rescue.

188/365 - It may not be a horse, but she got to ride!

189/365 - Baby girl got new shoes. The kid dresses better than her momma...

190/365 - It's called SCUBA diving, not SCUBA standing... quoted from Dano

191/365 - sleeping beauty!

192/365 - Philly Cheesesteak Pasta... YUM!

193/365 - Lanie

194/365 - Waiting "patiently" for grandpa and sissy to get back with the horses so we could "ride ride ride ride ride ride"

195/365 - They're in the shark tank. Ack! lol. Thanks for being my models Steve & Priscilla!!

196/365 - People are quick to complain about daylight savings time, but they don't complain about the extra sun in the evening...

197/365 - My husband is pretty special.... he got up earlier than normal for work to take my car and fill it up for me. Thank you hubby!

198/365 - Cherry Dump Cake and Vanilla Ice Cream... don't mind if I do!

199/365 - Happy St. Patrick's Day

200/365 - Such a good baby getting her blood drawn!!

201/365 - It was time to go scout out the Easter Bunny. She wasn't too sure about this big bunny this year, but after a few minutes and some really awesome people, we got a smile!

202/365 - Our first official Spring baby (because today is the first day of Spring! Happy spring!!) Now the flood gates are open and the rest shall come. Too bad it wasn't a little warmer for this little fella.

203/365 - A bunch of friends coming together in honor of a great lady!

204/365 - It's a hard job but someone has to do it. Aka, I was sitting under the slide out while they put the slide out back on. I held the wires and pulled them through the floor of the slide out. Whew!

205/365 - Some days you need to walk and pick up rocks.

206/365 - He is my biggest cheerleader!

207/365 - leave me alone, it's dinner time!

208/365 - I wish I had more than this to show but all you'd see is studying...

209/365 - Happy Easter from our family to you!

210/365 - The 1 Hour count down is on... excuse me while I go throw up... or crawl into the fetal position and sing myself into a slumber... or maybe just show up to take round 2 of comps....

211/365 - No rest for the weary...

212/365 - watching from the fence like a big girl!

213/365 - It rained...

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  1. Little people, little horses and one nice looking dog, all photos I liked although the first photo was one that screamed "why do I bother" not sure if that was the look you were going for but that is the look I saw



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