Friday, April 29, 2016

The Peanut Post - A 22 Month Update

  • You've traded all other shoes for your new light up rain boots.
    • You even wear them with capris and riding horses....
  • You attended your first Trails for Kids trail ride
  • You're working on manners. 
    • The other day momma asked daddy to get her some hangers and you yelled at me... MO Peas (more please) because I didn't say please to daddy.
  • You decided potty training is for you.
    • You get Kit Kats as a reward for peeing in the potty....
  • Your clothes are 2T-3T mostly. 18 month is just snug or the pants fit fine but are too short, etc.
  • You can count with someone to around 7
  • You can say ABC to about H
  • You know cows moo
  • You LOVE Minnie Mouse
  • You still LOVE to ride horses.
  • I think horses are your favorite animal
  • You attended your first Rendezvous
  • Your vocabulary is shooting through the roof. I can't even keep up documenting your new words
  • You still love the stupid binkie
  • You try to dress yourself, even if you're already wearing clothes.
  • You've learned how to run a water hose and soak people for fun
  • You love books
  • Grandma says you're quite the shopper
  • You like to make phone calls now
  • I think Pete is your favorite dog, closely followed by Sisco
  • You're finally riding your rocking horses like you should
  • You drag them around the house even.
  • You literally put your boots by the door almost every night

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  1. Oh how she is growing, I am 53 and scared silly of horses but if I was riding when I was her age I may feel different about them, rain boots can be so practical



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