Friday, April 22, 2016

Time for a Change

For months I've been talking about chopping my hair off. I kept letting it grow because I wanted to donate it to Locks for Love or some sort of place again. So I just kept letting it grow. It kind of got ridiculous.

Then came the day. After a chop and trim, I'll say it came close to 4-6 inches off. Not enough to donate. I needed it long enough to pull up into a ponytail and... I didn't want it tooo short. I feel like really short hair makes my face look chunky. Maybe it does anyway, I don't know, but short hair makes me feel like it does.

Then we decided to put highlights also. I was kind of tired of the boring mousy brown and needed to cover up my gray hairs too. Now at least they blend in if nothing else.

And this is the finished product. I always joke about doing something crazy and usually wind up with a similar haircut. Oh well, maybe next time. And while I'm at it I'll dye it some random color too ;)


  1. Short hair makes my face look fat. But I like short in the summer as I don't sweat easily.
    Congratulations! Enjoy your new doo! ^_^

  2. I want to see a better picture. I am liking the coloring but that picture doesn't show us your hair very well :).



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