Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Peanut Post: 23 Month Update

  • You love the this little piggy saying.
  • You smarted off at Grandma while mommy and daddy were out of town, "I said please."
  • You refuse to say I'm sorry.
  • You keep getting books taken away from you because you keep throwing them at people....
  • You're no longer using a binkie.
  • You now sleep with Minnie Mouse and the monkey (taggie you've always had)
  • You love big girl panties (pull ups) but you won't use them exactly right....
  • You love Minnie Mouse
  • You love the slide
  • You're wearing diapers (5) and pull-ups (3/4).
  • You call pull-ups Big Girl Panties
  • and always want powder on
  • You clung to me after daddy and I got home from Cozumel
  • But when Tori is around, no one else exists
  • You love water
  • You love to ride
  • your favorite drinks are Sweet Tea, Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice, Water, Black Cherry Koolaid
  • You're talking up a storm
  • You hate nap time
  • You love Fruit Snacks
  • You love Fruit
  • You're hit and miss with eating

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