Saturday, June 11, 2016

No Bucking Allowed

The other day we were over at Deb/Grady/Jared/Karen's helping with different things. They welded Jared's mower back together, put some lights on Jared's truck, put some lights on Chuck's Kubota UTV, and to help Karen get on her baby. Back before we left for Cozumel a couple weeks, in fact before we went on the Trails for Kids, Karen was bucked off a horse and got hurt pretty bad. Then there was issues at Trails for Kids, so she was a little nervous to get on this new baby. I don't blame her one bit. I'm not sure you'd have gotten me on first. ha! I'm not afraid of the buck, I'm afraid of the landing. Anyway I got the camera ready, just in case, you know another Labor Day Monday happens again (poor Karen....) and the guys were out there to watch asking her if she could put a number on her back so they could score her. We're nice like that :). I'm pleased to announce that she got on without any difficulties! Woot Woot! We joked that she was able to get on because the filly read the sign Jared wrote on the gate to her.


  1. I am scared of falling off no bucking needed, just saying and horses are so big so it would be a bit of a fall

  2. I'm glad there was no bucking! I definitely don't mind the bucking, but the landing is starting to get worse as the years go by ha ha! I remember when I first started riding I bounced pretty well, now not so much.



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