Tuesday, July 26, 2016

2 Years 1 Month

  • Silly mommy forgot to do a 2 year update and even though we're about halfway between your 2 years and your 2 years 1 month, I can't remember what goes where so we're going to start here.
  • Conversation the other day... 
    • You: Grandeb
    • Me: I'm not Grandeb, I'm mommy
    • You: Grandeb
    • Me: I'm not Grandeb
    • You: Grandeb
    • Me: I'm not talking to you anymore
    • You: Oh come on.
  • You are a fish. 
    • You jumped off the diving board at GranDeb & Grady's
    • And when you're not doing that, you won't get out of the water.
  • You LOVED the 4th of July and throwing those snappers at mommy's feet to scare her.
  • You've become very independent
  • If Tbug is around, no one else exists
  • Telling you no, if you have your mind set to it, you'll do it anyway.
  • I'm sick of the word no. 
    • I'm tired of telling you no 
    • I'm tired of you telling me no
  • You've finally had your first real cold... although the doctor said it was just post nasal drip... I still think it's a cold.
  • You love to write
  • You love bubbles
  • You are a water baby
  • You can count to 10 but don't like the number 4.
  • You count to 3 on your own, get a little help with 4 and then continue on
  • You still love baby dolls
  • Mickey Mouse Club House and Paw Patrol are your favorite cartoons.
  • You like Frozen but call Elsa Barbie.
  • At your 2 year doctors appointment you're in the 96% in height and the 66% in weight.
    • weight: 28lbs 1.5oz
    • Height:3'0.5"


  1. Wow, it is so crazy how much she has grown up! She definitely sounds like a water baby :) How cool that she loves water so much!

  2. A belated Happy Birthday!
    May God bless you all.



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