Friday, July 15, 2016

My upcoming 65th Birthday... what?

My birthday is coming up... did you know that? Normally I might not even mention it (yeah right... lol) but the reason I'm bringing this up 15 days beforehand is not because I'm giving you guys ample time to buy me a gift, but something to laugh about instead.

Last time I checked I'm going to be 33 (I think).  But the other day I got a letter from an insurance company telling me about the best packages I could purchase to supplement my insurance before my upcoming 65th birthday.

Wait, what.... I'm going to be 65? Dang I look good for my age! I started to think they mixed my birth year up from 1983 to 1938 but that would make me 78 so I'm not sure. Plus... I've been married for going on 6 years this fall and... have lived in my house that long yet they are sending it to my maiden name at my parents address. I'm so confused!

Do I not only not know my age but my name and my address too? Wow, maybe this old age thing is really getting to me.... I should go lie down and figure this out.....


  1. Oh dear Lord, please do not tell me we are turning 65!!!!!!

  2. Haha. Your mother should know your age for sure. ;-)



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