Saturday, November 26, 2016

2 Years 5 Months

  • For daddy's birthday from GranDeb and Grady you went to daddy and said, "We have a Christmas present for you. It's your birthday."
  • You give terrible twos a run for its money some days and other days you'd think you were 20.
  • To get clothes long enough you're wearing 3T's but that makes them big around the waist. Luckily a lot of jeans have those elastic waistbands!
  • Some days you eat and eat and eat and other days I can't get you to eat at all.
  • You've become a little picky on food which bothers me.
  • But you love steak and it better be Medium Rare or Medium at most or you won't eat it.
  • You're not afraid to try new things
  • You still love those horses
  • You surprise people with your manners
  • Some days you're stingy with manners though....
  • You had fun on Thanksgiving and claim that AC is your AC, no one else's.
  • You light up a room when you walk in it.
  • Tbug is your favorite person.
  • Did I mention you talk up a storm? You have quite an extensive vocabulary although some days we can't totally understand what you're saying so you get frustrated. 
  • You enjoyed Thanksgiving but I'm pretty sure you'll prefer Christmas
  • We decorated the Christmas tree and you got excited!
  • Now the tree needs to ALWAYS be on.

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