Saturday, December 31, 2016

Newest Hobby

This Christmas season I've been putting my new found hobby to good practice. I've made quite a few different plates of Sugar Cookies for many different people and many different reasons. We had a friend who was in Ft. Worth we took some too. I made some for an auction. I made some for cookie plates that we delivery yearly.

I've found a new found fun hobby. I'd like to get better and I challenged myself the other night. So Cheers to a New Year. Happy 2017!

p.s. They're Champagne glasses in case you couldn't tell.... 😜.


  1. those are wonderful! I cant believe how big Addison is getting!Happy New Year

  2. Oh what a hobby I want some they look so nice and yummy

  3. I absolutely love how those turned out ♥ what a wonderful, and delicious, hobby! I hope you have a very happy New Year!

  4. Beautiful!!! You need to start selling those!

  5. Ive mentioned it before. I am a baker and I am soooo jealous. You do a FABULOUS job. Amazing.

    You still haven't given me both your recipes lol.



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