Saturday, July 30, 2016

Happy Birthday

Today is my 33rd birthday. 33, wow. I can remember when I thought someone in their 30's was old. I guess now I'm old? Remind me of this statement when I'm 40, please. Once upon a time I did a 101 in 1001 list... 101 items to complete in 1001 days. I'm not really willing to try that again right now. I told my dad yesterday morning that I heard your 30's were supposed to be better than your 20's. He told me, "You are what you make it. It is all state of mind."

I believe goals help you achieve things. So I decided to set 33 goals for my 33rd year. Help keep me on track, please!
Still to do     In Progress     Accomplished + the date
  1. Pay off my car.
  2. Break Abug's mare, Little Pi, to ride
  3. Use my gift certificate to train with a local horse trainer.
  4. Lose 33 pounds. (roughly at 10-15 in this goal....)
  5. Ride Blonde Barbie more.
  6. Sell my house.
  7. Look into either building or buying another house.
  8. Potty train my baby girl.
  9. Go on a vacation.
  10. Dive in the ocean again.
  11. Find a job, more especially, find my dream job.
  12. Get my second teaching license.
  13. Visit 8 states. (6/8)
  14. Find tourist things to do in my area.
  15. Get a Hydros BC for SCUBA diving. (8/4/16)
  16. Sell my Ladyhawk BC to buy the Hydros BC. (Sold 7/30/16)
  17. Train Blonde Barbie to be a Cutting Horse.
  18. Show again.
  19. Write a book.
  20. Get my travel blog up and running.
  21. Pay off some debt.
  22. Update my wardrobe, maybe become more fashionable.
  23. Spend more time with my grandma.
  24. See Beauty and the Beast in theaters.
  25. See a Broadway Musical (although it doesn't have to be in NYC)
  26. Spend more quality time with baby girl.
  27. Attend the 2016 NCHA Futurity.
  28. Help with the 2017 Trails for Kids.
  29. Enter (and hopefully place) a photo contest.
  30. Become a better photographer.
  31. Learn to paint.
  32. Build a snowman.
  33. Just learn to live more and say yes more.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Sunday Shrimp Feeds & Pool Time

Sunday morning we decided to call my mom and dad up and Memaw up and see if they'd be interested in coming to our house to eat shrimp that was brought back from Louisiana. Mom brought the shrimp, shrimp etouffee, Shrimp bisque, crab cakes, crab stuffed jalapeño peppers, and scallops.

Hubby grilled the shrimp and scallops. The rest was baked or warmed up in the microwave.

I set out to make Cheddar Jalapeño grits, cream cheese stuffed jalapeños wrapped in bacon, and green beans. Hubby made cheddar jalapeño hush puppies.

This was quite the feast! I need to share some recipes with you because there were a lot of Good ones used!!!

Then after we ate lunch, we put on swim suits and went and hung out in the pool. It was a great way to spend the day! Tbug and I played with cool pictures both under the water  of the surface of the water and there's one where you see the trees/sky. That is on the bottom of the pool. That's how clear the water is right now. Oh and check out the fun tan lines on my feet. Lots of great stuff!!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Horses Gotta Eat, too

This might be a little blurry, but she's smiling. She loves to go for rides!

Yesterday, today, tomorrow, and the rest of the week really there is a percent chance of rain. The weather has dropped off about 10 degrees. Will it rain? Who knows. It's a prediction. What someone thinks will happen. And one thing I've decided, although it's not quite that easy, a weatherman/woman can predict the weather, be wrong 90% of the time, and still have a job tomorrow. It's kind of a joke, but it's a prediction.

No one can know the future for sure. Last Friday we got the word that the weather was good, all hay equipment was up and running, and we were headed to the hayfield that afternoon. This excursion was square bales versus round bales.

I grew up on a farm. Farm life is so unpredictable. You can try to make plans, but make sure you're flexible. You have to be. Heck, I went on a job interview, dressed in a business suit and heels, driving out the driveway and there was a cow out. I had to put that cow back in before heading to the interview... in heels, in a suit. My mom came home from work once in heels and a business suit to start up the tractor and start baling until someone could come relieve her so she could change clothes. When you make money farming whether it's your full time job or you have an outside job to pay for the farming adventure... farming is unpredictable. Another story, ok if you want one. The day I got married, a family member was coming to the wedding. When they went to leave, a cow decided to go into labor and they wound up having to pull the calf. They didn't make it to our wedding. That's okay. Stuff happens and as a farmer you learn to be flexible. You have to be.

Anyway, we had to pick Tbug up for our weekend with her. I made arrangements at the last minute to get her early, then we went to my parents house, did chores, waited for my dad and hubby to get home from work, and we headed to the hayfield. It was HOT. Oh it was hot. Although I've been in worse. We had 200 bales of hay to pick up.

In the state of Missouri, if a trailer doesn't have lights on it, you can run during the daytime. I don't know the exact law/rules. Our hay trailer doesn't have lights. By the time we got our first 100 bales loaded and made it home and put in the barn, we had 2 options. Go back to the hayfield, load the trailer, and let it sit in the field until the next morning or go home, shower, eat dinner, go to bed, get up early the next morning and go back to the hayfield after the second 100 bales. We chose the second option. Either way we were going to be hot and sweaty the next morning putting that second 100 bales up in the hay loft.

Poor Tbug hasn't lived down running our VW car into the back of the tractor 2 years ago. Friday night she got the best job of loading hay on to the trailer... being the top stacker! Depending on how many people you have depends on what jobs everyone does.

Friday night my mom and Abug drove, Hubby and I threw bales up onto the trailer, dad was the lower stacker, and Tbug was the higher stacker. The higher stacker has the easiest job I swear. I've been in that position many times. All you really have to do is catch, stack the top couple rows, and help with tying the trailer down. Sometimes it's a toss up as to who has the hardest job between the lower stacker and the people throwing the bales up on the trailer. I've done all positions.

Saturday my mom had plans so I asked Tbug if she was going to drive the truck. That position might be the best... other than the threat is if the driver dumps the entire trailer, they get to restack it by themselves. I've heard that threat my whole life and yes I've dumped my fair share of loads. I've never had to restack by myself, but I have had to help restack. That really sucks!

Anyway Tbug told me no, she wasn't going to drive. I asked her why? She jokingly said, there's no tractor to stop me. Now the day she ran our VW into our tractor, it is a standard, she did have her foot on the clutch, we bounced off, I might have been 2 weeks from having Abug...., and she kept yelling she couldn't see the break to which I kept replying, you don't have to see it, you just have to hit it.

Anyway we finally convinced her that she could drive the truck, pulling the trailer. We left Abug in her carseat so Tbug wasn't fighting her while trying to drive. And I want to brag, Tbug did an excellent job driving. I might pat myself on the back and say she learned from me. ha! Not to toot my own horn but I've been told I'm a good driver as well. You keep it slow and steady, between the rows of hay, ease on to the break, and don't throw the stackers off the trailer. I have been thrown off the trailer more than once. It's when someone slams on the gas or slams on the break and you can't brace yourself. Luckily every time that's happened I have hit the ground running.

But you can never say farming is easy or an 8-5 comfortable air conditioned job. I'm not sure if that's what I've been trying to say more so than just trying to document life. And document Farm life. And happy days. Oh and Saturday after sweating, we took showers, and then went to the farm show and got soaked in sweat again. That's all :).

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

2 Years 1 Month

  • Silly mommy forgot to do a 2 year update and even though we're about halfway between your 2 years and your 2 years 1 month, I can't remember what goes where so we're going to start here.
  • Conversation the other day... 
    • You: Grandeb
    • Me: I'm not Grandeb, I'm mommy
    • You: Grandeb
    • Me: I'm not Grandeb
    • You: Grandeb
    • Me: I'm not talking to you anymore
    • You: Oh come on.
  • You are a fish. 
    • You jumped off the diving board at GranDeb & Grady's
    • And when you're not doing that, you won't get out of the water.
  • You LOVED the 4th of July and throwing those snappers at mommy's feet to scare her.
  • You've become very independent
  • If Tbug is around, no one else exists
  • Telling you no, if you have your mind set to it, you'll do it anyway.
  • I'm sick of the word no. 
    • I'm tired of telling you no 
    • I'm tired of you telling me no
  • You've finally had your first real cold... although the doctor said it was just post nasal drip... I still think it's a cold.
  • You love to write
  • You love bubbles
  • You are a water baby
  • You can count to 10 but don't like the number 4.
  • You count to 3 on your own, get a little help with 4 and then continue on
  • You still love baby dolls
  • Mickey Mouse Club House and Paw Patrol are your favorite cartoons.
  • You like Frozen but call Elsa Barbie.
  • At your 2 year doctors appointment you're in the 96% in height and the 66% in weight.
    • weight: 28lbs 1.5oz
    • Height:3'0.5"

Monday, July 25, 2016

7 Years

July 25, 2009 is the day that we went on our first date. Today marks the 7th anniversary of our first date.

I Love Agriculture!

Over the weekend we were able to attend the Four States Farm Show over in Pittsburg, Kansas. It's so much fun to go over and see all the new innovations that have hit the world of Agriculture. Tbug was asking questions about Combines so we had a combine to actually answer her questions with. I answered a few of them however Dad had to answer more. Dad's actually run one and fixed one. I got to ride in one once upon a time. They offered to let me drive it but I didn't want to break it and set them back during harvest season so I rode in the buddy seat. Have I ever told you I love Combines?

Dad and hubby got to see/test drive a new 2017 F350 King Ranch edition Ford. Gorgeous! I got to pick on some of my friends I haven't seen in a while. Hey, it's worth it.

The best thing about going over here is if you want to know about Agriculture, they'll talk to you. They'll promote this field of Agriculture. They're willing to talk to anyone and everyone about new innovations that are springing up daily in this field. And just think, whether you're a meat eater or a vegetarian, you're highly impacted by the world of Agriculture!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Baseball Games

Last Sunday we had the opportunity to attend a Springfield Cardinals Game. It was fun too! Last Fall Memaw went to a KC Chiefs game with us and the night before when we asked if she wanted to go she said, yes, I've never seen a home run. Hubby was like, well after tomorrow you'll still have never seen a home run. Poor Memaw hasn't lived that down. When we went to the baseball game, we asked if she wanted to go see a Touch Down with us. Yup, she still hasn't lived it down....

Hello, you can't go to a ball game without ballpark food! So our seats were up in the Red Bird Roost... So we got tickets and all the food we wanted to eat from hotdogs, brats, nachos, burritos, fruit, popcorn, and Coca Cola Products.

The gates opened 1 hour before the game started. That's when we started eating. We sat and watched them get the field read and watched the ball players warm up.

They had different causes for the night. These were the EMS Riders.

During each inning change there were different events.

So this was a foul ball and it actually went through the window.

Sadly the Cardinals lost against the Arkansas Travelers 7 to 4.


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