Sunday, March 26, 2017

2 Years, 9 Months

  • It seems like overnight you went from saying complete sentences to complete paragraphs.
  • Still absolutely LOVE to ride horses and do chores.
  • You've recently learned about Ritz crackers and they are your favorite, wheat ones at that.
  • You've been learning how to "sew" and working on a quilt with your great grandma and mommy.
  • You love to shop.
  • You're infatuated with your "lipstick" (lip gloss).
  • You love to take your purse everywhere.
  • You now like Full House reruns and Boy Meets World reruns (only at bedtime).
  • You told me you never wanted to be potty trained, you just want to wear your diaper forever. (grrrr)
  • I asked why you didn't want to be potty trained and you told me you were scared of the potty. (I don't know why though).
  • You love to clean.
  • Size 2T anything are way to short but fit around.
  • You had your first ear infection. At that drs appointment you weighed in at 33lbs and are 39" tall. That put you in the 83rd% in weight and 95% in height.
  • You hate bandaids. You're still crying and screaming about the bandaid they tried to put on you at the hospital after taking your IV out.
  • You pronounce Bandaids as Boondaids.
  • You are so much fun and such a great kid, I want to be you when I grow up.
  • You got grounded from Windex.. you tried to overuse it when we cleaned the house.
  • You then moved on to water and soaked the floor. Oh well 😂.
  • Your hair is still blonde! I hope it stays that way. Only time will tell.
  • You like your hair up in Messy buns and pony tails, but not always. There are days we put them up and take them down multiple times.
  • Your favorite drinks include Fruit Punch Gatorade, Papa Juice (Grapefruit Juice), Tea tea (Sweet Tea), and Mocha flavored Iced Coffee.
  • You love to have your nails painted.
  • You prefer dresses over pants and pants over jeans. And jeans are not pants in your opinion.
  • If you don't take a nap you're either wound for total sound before bed or go to sleep easily. If you nap during the day, even 15 minutes you won't go to sleep easily.
  • You're obsessed with closing doors and locking them if applicable.
  • You sleep with Monkey, Minnie, and sometimes purple Minnie... I guess some days purple Minnie upsets you because you REFUSE to sleep with her. I don't always understand. Then sometimes you want one pillow and other days you want the other pillow. again, I can't explain.

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  1. Isn't it amazing how fast they grow, and the things that do?

    God bless you all.



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