Monday, February 27, 2017

Quilt Block 3 & 4

Monday's happen to be one of my favorite days. Why? Because that is the day that Abug and I go down to Grandma's to work on our Quilt top. I really need a reason to like Monday because Monday does get a really bad rap.

Last week my blocks were purple and green and pink and green. I couldn't decide other than I really liked bright colors. It came to me, pick one of the colors from the previous block and make sure to incorporate that into the next block, that way they'll all kind of go together.

So purple and green so green and a color. That color happened to be pink so quilt block 3 had to have pink and then add a color. If you can see, I added yellow and orange to the mix. There was also purple and green that goes with previous blocks. Oooooo I like where that is going.

Quilt block 4 had to pick up a new color from those so I went yellow (and really orange) and added blue. Lots of great choices for Quilt Block 5 :). Let's see what next week brings!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

2 Years 8 Months

This little girl. She's great. I can't even imagine how to tell someone just how great she is... seriously. In fact, I want to grow up and be just like her.
  • You have started singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star after I sang it to you here recently when you were sick and it was one of 2 songs I could think of.
  • The other song was the ABC Song. You sing it too now.
  • Your boot size is a 9.
  • Clothing size is either a 3T or a 4T
  • You had the flu. It sucked. You weren't tested, but we all know that's what it was.
  • One of your favorite things is doing chores with Papa.
  • You learned how to do puzzles.
  • You love to read.
  • Your favorite tv shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Doc McStuffins, Sophia the First, and Princess Elana of Avalor.
  • Your new favorite movies include (Frozen, not new) Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, The Bee Movie, Zootopia
  • You were in a wedding. You refused to have your picture taken. You were loud up at the front and everyone thought you were just adorable.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Quilt Block 1 & 2

My friend Harriett is huge into quilting as is my grandmother. I've made a couple quilts in my time plus a few blankets so I can sew, although I can't put a button back on a shirt nor can I fix the pocket in my jeans. I won't ask my mom, she threatened to throw them out if I asked again... so I'll be hitting grandma up to help there too :).

Anyway, back to Harriett. She came across this quilt pattern thing on the internet where the lady gives you a pattern a week for 25 weeks and then on week 26 teaches you how to put them together into a quilt top. I hit grandma up and asked if she'd be willing/interested in helping Abug and me do this and she said absolutely. My grandma leads such a HUGE busy schedule that I had to get into her schedule.

She told me not to worry about fabric, she had material and we'd find things in her sewing room to complete this project. I started off with bright green and purple. Then really liked green and pink. I have no idea what my plans are, all I know is my plans are for my baby girl to spend time with her great grandma and I get to spend time with the both of them! That's the goal. So here are the first two quilt blocks. We're a few weeks behind on this adventure. It's all good though.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Our Valentine's Day

Here while back I started thinking about Valentine's Day and wondering what to get hubby. When I asked him what he wanted, his response was a quart of Thank You Cherry Much Ice Cream and the ability to eat the whole thing and not feel guilty. I laughed so hard, but he was serious.

Then I got to thinking about it and decided that he needed a receiver hitch in his truck. I have one in mine, but my dad's got stolen when his truck was in the shop getting worked on, so dad had to borrow mine. It made me realize that we needed another one at least so I decided to get him one like the picture above. This way he had 3 different sizes, versus mine 1 size. My one will haul our flat bed trailer but if it is bigger or smaller than what was on my truck (and don't ask me what size I have) we'd have been screwed, so I decided to get him the 3.

I was afraid I wouldn't pick the right thing out though, so I loaded him up in the truck, drove a round about way to get there trying to throw him off, and took him to Harbor Freight which is where I decided to buy the receiver hitch from. When we pulled into the parking lot, he laughed so hard at me it frustrated me. I wasn't real sure why he was laughing, but he said he knew exactly what we were after when I pulled into the parking lot, he just had to wait and see if he was correct.

I got a rose bush, bear, and chocolates. Truthfully I'm not sure, I haven't opened the heart box just yet. I just assume it's chocolates. And a sweet message.

Abug got a double Blu-ray set from us that was the animated and live action version of Cinderella. That's what she's been wanting and talking about for weeks. Grandma and Papa got her an Elsa Pillow. Memaw got her a cute little love bug.

I kind of figured the weekend before Valentine's Day we'd go out since the 12th is our proposaversary date but we didn't. We obviously couldn't on Valentine's Day because of the wedding, so he finally took us out Friday night to Outback Steakhouse. It was good, but my steak, being a higher cut, was just meh. He was happy with his choice though.

After that we went to our friend's house to house/dog sit as they are on a work vacation. Technically it's for work, but it's totally vacation! And that was our low key Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's Day Wedding

Valentine's Day we spent at a wedding celebrating the union of two of our friends, Justin and Kristi. They asked Abug if she would be their flower girl. Of course she said yes, but I'm not sure she knew what she was saying yes too 😀.

Deb, Tracy, and I worked on their cake. I heard rumor they initially weren't going to have an official wedding cake. I don't know if that was true or not... but after our cake day, Kristi asked if we could make her a Red Velvet Cake like Deb made that day. We obliged. Kristi also asked if I could make sugar cookies. Initially she wanted wedding bells but I didn't have a wedding bell cookie cutter and when she asked, I kind of lost track of time and thought I didn't have enough time to purchase a cookie cutter so I convinced her to do hearts since it was Valentine's Day. Then I felt bad when I realized I could have gotten the cookie cutter in on time.

We got to the wedding day... I was following Deb & Grady and witnessed a guy put a G8 in the ditch quickly. Just right through a four way stop, pavement was a little wet and it looked like he was hot rodding it and did a 180 in the road and off in the ditch he went. It was a pretty, red Pontiac G8 too....

When we got there, there was horrible cell reception. Hubby was coming from work and I was doing what we did in the olden days hoping we could hold the phone just right to get text messages out... let alone getting a phone call in or out.... Wow! Do you remember the days before cell phones and text messages?

Anyway Abug knows how to have her picture taken and we could not get her to get her picture taken to save our lives. But then when no one was paying attention to her anymore, she went off and pouted. Drama queen much?

The wedding itself was gorgeous. The venue was gorgeous. Congratulations to the lucky couple!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

2nd Birthday Partaeee

So, the flu, as influenza, I think hit our house. We were never tested but within 2 weeks we all felt like death warmed over... is that the right phrase? Or do I have it wrong, like most times? Luckily for all our family, my niece's birthday party wasn't on her birthday and we were all kind of on the mend. It was rough going there for a while.... yikes! Hubby made sure to get Ambyr with icing before she could attack him. I think we actually made it through one family gathering... Christmas maybe... without the food war... It was definitely overdue!

We made sure to take our yearly family photo. Luckily Tbug was with us, or else we'd have had to put it off. (2015, 2016)

This picture, even though it is blurry, is way cute with the two littles looking at each other. By the way, when people are trying to take your picture, if you're in the picture, you stay ready at the camera so that when the person behind the camera gets the little's to smile, you are ready. Otherwise, they'll be ready and you won't be, and the littles are harder to get to smile/look at a camera....

My cupcake wrapper was turned into a flower... don't you think? And apparently there was a story behind a bunch of chocolate cupcakes but I never heard it..... hmmmmm.....

Monday, February 6, 2017

Falcons Fan for a Day

Well, since our Chiefs didn't make Superbowl 51... I had to either be a Falcons' fan or a Patriots' fan... I chose the Falcons. Turns out they played a good first half and then lost it. In fact, they kind of blew it all to hell.... But even the second half of the game was pretty good really.

Yes, I did watch the game. Now don't be fooled... I also ate. Sometimes food is more important. We also put glasses on Pete and tried to make him appear studious... And then when I posted that on Facebook I misspelled studious and put studios. Then I got made fun of. Then... Facebook wouldn't cooperate and let me change it. <sigh>

We happened to be a house full of germs. A lot of us... I think there were like 20 of us or something... were either a) sick or b) the next week wound up sick. If you weren't there... maybe that's a good thing... lol.

The thing is though, we know how to have fun! And if there is food, they will come! We had Bacon bites, spinach dip, salsa, sliders, tacos, fruit, vegetables, cheesecake, shrimp, and so much more. Like I said, if there's food, they will come.

The outcome of the game was 34-28. Lady Gaga did a superb halftime show. A lot of people were wanting to boycott the halftime show because Lady Gaga isn't afraid to make political statements and there are so many mixed reviews on if her show was political or not. I'm siding with the not. There were a bunch of people (I read a lot of reviews) who were upset she didn't make more of a political statement so they are going to boycott her now. Who knows... maybe the NFL made her sign a contract that said if she pulled anything she wouldn't get paid. Remember back in like 2003 or whatever when there was the nip slip on Janet Jackson. Yeah... for years after that they really watched who they allowed to perform the halftime show. I'm just saying... with the heightened political state of our country, maybe the NFL made her sign something that she wouldn't pull anything.

I've been in the Houston stadium. I didn't realize that the roof opened up though... how cool is that? And that leap off the roof... sweet!

Luke Bryan did an awesome rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. I might like Luke Bryan, not all people do, but his a cappella version was fantastic.

And that was our Superbowl 51 party. Bring on the 2017 NFL Season! Sorry, I'm not a baseball fan, although I do love going to a good baseball game.


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