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Hi.  I'm Nicole.  Nice to meet you!

I am 32 years old, but shhhhh don't tell!!

(I don't feel that old!)
I have a Bachelor's Degree in Agriculture Education, 
and a Masters in English, Technical and Professional Writing. 
I'm married to a Wonderful Man. 
I have a beautiful {step}daughter and a beautiful baby girl.
I have a beautiful home. 
I have beautiful puppies.  
Now I need to start figuring out what my life is all about. 

I have a degree in Agriculture Education,
but I don't teach... One of my real passions is writing.  I very easily could have been an English teacher.
I've been writing as far back as I can remember, and I always hoped that it would be a big part of my future.
So when the opportunity presented itself to go back to college for a Master's I decided to pursue one in English. Makes sense, right? 
I would like to say it was all butterflies and roses and rainbows, but it wasn't.
All that matters, I passed!

I'm reeeally in love with my husband.
One day, when I very least expected it, he waltzed back into my life and literally swept me off my feet and out of life as I knew it.

I have a beautiful {step}daughter,
 and she keeps me on my toes.  I always said if I had a kid it better come out walking, talking & potty trained.  When asked an age, I spouted off 6.  Miss Tbug has been in my life since she was 6 years old.  Be careful what you wish for, but I wouldn't change her for the world.  Except sometimes I wish she lived with us full time....

I had a beautiful baby girl June 2014. 
I never thought I was a baby person but she's totally changed my mind and my way of thinking! I love her so much and she's perfect. Even if she loves waking me up in the middle of the night. I guess it's payback for me waking my parents up, right? No, she's perfect! Although I can't wait for her to talk so she can tell me what's wrong :).

I love my puppies.
They are part of my "kids".

I love great photos,
and have had a camera in my hand pretty much all my life.  Most of the recent pictures you will find on my blog were taken with a Nikon D610 or Nikon D7100, my Nikon Coolpix AW130 Point & Shoot, my Olympus Underwater Camera, or my iPhone 6.

I'm newer to dSLR photography,
but having a ball learning all about it! I've been into it since 2009, can I still claim to be newer?

I hate scary movies.
I'm just throwing that out there, you know, keeping it real.

Since we're being real... I show horses.
Cutting horses to be exact.  I was riding horses before I could walk.  My mom issued a challenge to my husband when we were dating for him to show cutting horses.  He took it on with full force.  Tbug has also taken on the challenge of riding horses and we're a family of showmen.
Abug even loves her horses. ride, ride, ride, ride, ride, ride.

I love Food Network.
There are other channels?  How cool would it be to someday have my own cooking show!  What can I say, I love to cook and am an aspiring chef, {along with photographer}

Sometimes I write about funny stuff, sometimes I write about serious stuff.  Sometimes I write about life, sometimes I write about dreams.
Sometimes I write about agriculture, sometimes I write about whatever pops into my head.  I am the queen of Random; although my {step}daughter gives me a run for my money there.
I would say this is a Lifestyle blog.  Sometimes life is humorous, sometimes it isn't.
All I can promise you is that I'll be honest.

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