Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Underwater Pumpkin Carving

I typically get sick twice a year... this year I think I'm at 3 times. Blech! I'm so over this! Anyway... A couple weekends ago we had our annual Underwater pumpkin carving. Yes, I said underwater, because who doesn't want to carve a pumpkin underwater? Don't answer that.

The surface temperature topped out around 78˚. The water temperature wasn't bad at all either. I heard the thermocline was down around 30 feet. I couldn't get past 3 feet because of whatever this is. My ears were jacking with me so I carved my pumpkin basically laying right under the surface of the water.

I've been bugging hubby for family photos all summer long so finally we found a weekend when we had Tbug and it just so happened to be this weekend. We got up early (although not as early as I would have hoped, my fault) and went to the lake to do photos. Not quite where I wanted to take them, but sometimes you have to roll with the punches and I was happy with how they turned out so it's all good.

That morning it was a big chilly. Abug got cold so Tbug zipped her up in her jacket with her. I turned around and this is what I saw.

After we got done with pictures, we helped set up, and then sat and relaxed. This is a typical Nicole Kim picture. There is no explanation... it is what it is.

And this one here, she follows suit....

And this... no clue. One minute my MIL was sitting there, the next Abug made her put her chair on her head and wouldn't allow her to take it off.

Finally she got to though so Abug put it on her own head. Again... no explanation.

And here is a new sleeping position of Riley. I have multiple photos of this.

This was hubby's pumpkin. So there's a story here. This pumpkin weighed 25lbs when we started. So I posted a picture of hubby carrying 2 of our land carving pumpkins on Facebook. Kim teased him and said, is that your pumpkin for the underwater pumpkin carving. So then it was on. We went and bought a pumpkin just for that. It took 25 lbs of weight plus hubby to get this pumpkin down. Then his rope the weights were tied to came untied and he dropped 25 lbs of weight in 3 feet of water. It was awesome.

This was Tbug's pumpkin. This year they allowed us to cut holes in the pumpkin before going down so we cut the top off her pumpkin.

And this was my pumpkin. Yes, I carved it like Christmas. Seriously... how many people do you know that would carve a pumpkin to look like Christmas?

Kim was allowed to tabulate scores. None of us placed. They scored 1st, 2nd, 3rd, best attempt, and ugliest.

Everyone who participated. We had 13 participants this year.

 This one here... she claims me even though she doesn't have to. She claims her little sister too.

After we were done and cleaned up, it was time for ice cream. Abug fell asleep while eating her ice cream. This was just before she was out cold, dropped her ice cream cone, and I caught it before it hit the floor. Should I mention it was my ice cream cone? As I was trying to get her out of the truck she was screaming at me like I was being mean. I was just trying to get her ice cream. So when we got inside, I tried to order her ice cream and she threw another fit saying she didn't want any, then ate half my cone. It is what it is :). That's okay, I figured she'd help me :).

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Suga Cookies

No, I didn't forget the R in the title. I meant to type Suga Cookies. That's what I've been up to this week so far. 106 sugar cookies to be exact. I actually had a lot of fun. This has been my newest learned skill that is useless. I have lots of them sadly. Oh well, it's fun! I needed to thin out my icing a little bit, that would keep my hand from hurting nearly as bad, but it was a lot of fun.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

I Painted a Purple Cat... or something like that

Do you get the reference? It's from Girl Meets World. I love that show. I was a big fan of Boy Meets World back in the day.

So anyway on Girl Meets World, Riley has a friend Mya. Mya is a great artist and Riley draws purple cats. I can barely draw a stick figure so I figured I might as well just draw the purple cat and be done with it.

Ultimately I blame Jillian for this want I have to paint. She's always blogging about how she and her friends attend paint nights and she always does a fantastic job too, I might add. I thought it sounded like a blast. Then a friend of mine hit me up about a big group of us attending a paint night one night to try. Well that was a year ago and we still hadn't looked in to it. Finally another friend brought up something... maybe posted on her facebook page something about one of those paint night places around here and I hit her up about it.

Enter the conversation between Jody and myself. I asked her if she knew where there was one around and if she'd be interested. She was in the same boat I was... looking for someone to go to one with. So we picked a night (Thursday of this week) and then I had to back out.

I realized I had plans on Thursday so we went back to the calendar to find the photo we wanted to do when we came across the fisherman photo.

We had about 5 different options, but we liked this one and it worked out that we both were free so it was a date. We met for dinner. By the way, we had Tacos on not only Taco Tuesday but National Taco Day! Then we headed to art class.

When we got there and checked in, we were the only 2 students, which worked out in our favor. More help :).

So art is made to be viewed from a distance so anytime you think it doesn't look good, step back and decide where to go from there.

Jody cheated and started making cool trees so I stole her idea from her. My photo was a lot darker than the teacher's photo. Maybe I should stick with a purple cat?

Want to know a secret? We weren't really painting in this picture... ha! We were pretending here. The teacher needed it for Facebook. At that point we actually needed to take our pictures over to the blowdryers and dry our pictures before moving on. And see Jody's trees? She cheats.

This is a picture only a mother could be proud of. Not my mother, but someone's mother maybe :). My mom hates when hubby and I stick our tongues out in pictures.

And my finished product.

Then the teacher wanted a picture of us with our picture. Her picture she did with us is just above my head. Initially she took pictures and Jody and I complained we had double chins so we squatted down. Jody was excited because that made her taller than me.

And the teacher asked for a funny face so out came the tongues.... again. Sorry mom :). Love you!

Just call me Picasso. And Jody said we'd paint a purple cat one night just for me :)

Monday, October 3, 2016

There will be days like this my momma said

I believe the theme song yesterday was, Momma said there will be days like this, there'll be days like this my momma said, momma said, momma said.

We woke up at 7am and got ready to head off to church. After church we went for breakfast with Dan and Danielle and then headed to Sam's to get a pumpkin. While at Sam's, Jared called and was out in the hayfield and having trouble. We kind of knew where the field was he was in so we headed off hoping he'd call us back and tell us exactly where he was.

When we got there, hubby asked if he could help. Jared said just help him hook up tractors to equipment, but we weren't about to leave him by himself, so hubby jumped on one tractor to rake while Jared jumped on the other to bale. Abug and I just hung out and entertained ourselves in the field.

Eventually we went off to grab lunch for the guys (and us :)) and back to the hayfield we went. I got asked if I was bored. What people don't understand is I grew up in a hayfield, sitting in it for hours. You learn. Abug and I got out her blanket and watched the clouds, I took pictures, she picked flowers, she covered me in hay, throwing it down my shirt too (itchy!!), and eventually she got a tractor ride.

To say I grew up in a hayfield, sitting... it's truth. I remember an instance when I was 16. My cousin first off never called me to do anything, but she called me one day and asked what I was doing. I told her I was sitting in the hayfield. I literally was sitting in the field, outside my truck, on the ground. I had brought the flatbed trailer over to the hayfield and was waiting to load it. She wanted me to ditch my parents and go shopping with her. Shopping wasn't really my thing and my parents only had me (other than themselves) so I never ditched them.

I've hauled a lot of bales of hay. I learned to drive at 4 years old in a hayfield. I think I only ran over a couple bales of hay :). At that time I couldn't see over the steering wheel so I sat on my dad's hard hat. When they'd yell whoa I'd slide off the hard hat, off the seat, and on to the break which would kill the truck because it was a standard. Then dad would start it back up and away we'd go.

So yesterday, was I bored. Nope, not really. By the end of the day I was itchy because of all the hay Abug threw down my clothes so I was tired and wanted a shower, but bored, nope. And Jared got 3 of the 4 hayfields baled or whatever. I know there is one left, I just am not sure how many hayfields there were to begin with.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Chiefs vs the New York Jets

We were back at it Sunday morning. Time to load 'em up and head 'em out... out to Kansas City that is to go watch our Chiefs play the New York Jets! I'd been watching the weather all week and we bounced around for Kansas City weather from 100% chance of rain to 60% chance of rain back to 100% chance of rain. At home we started out with a beautiful sunrise, but the clouds quickly ate the sunrise.

We loaded the Chiefs bus and headed toward KC.

On the way up we got a glimpse of the sunrise but then, it was gone and all we had was cloud cover.

Little miss showing off her newest Chiefs outfit.

Hubby had to work. 2 weekends a year he has to work and it just so happened to be this weekend. We tried giving his seat away but no one would bite, so he went with us and sat on the bus working with hopes he'd be done working so he could watch the game. Normally he's one who helps cook, but he had other commitments so Grady took up helping cook. Boy did he get fits about that too. To the point we had to take "blackmail" pictures. Okay, not really but we did take pictures and they just so happened to land on Facebook.

A bunch of Jets fans walked by and wanted their picture with the Red Coaters. They told us that we'd need a towel after the game to dry our tears.... Nancy wished they'd have come back after the game....

Hubby finally got done working on Sunday in time to go to the game. In fact, we left him at the bus when we went into the stadium and he met us in the stadium. Grady gave us rain jackets to wear because it rained off and on throughout the whole morning. Hubby had Grady's and kept putting his hand inside the pocket and finding more and more gear so he kept putting it on. And yes, the glasses are broken... that's part of the humor in this picture.

Poor Abug didn't have her Tbug to sleep on. She wound up having to sleep on mommy and daddy.

Anna is a season ticket holder in front of us.

I guess we discussed leaving at 1 minute left on the playing clock. Hubby and Abug left not realizing that we were still standing in our seats. So they were a full spiral ahead of us walking down the ramp. Oh and did you know... we won, 24 to 3 Chiefs versus Jets.

On our way home this happened. We'll just leave it at that....

We stopped in Harrisonville to eat dinner. The sky was on fire.

And then dinner. Dinner was less than stellar although mine wasn't bad. this was Applebee's. I had the Chicken and Cornbread Salad. The cornbread croutons are out of this world awesome... but a little spicy so if you don't like spice, avoid this meal!


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