Monday, April 20, 2015

A day in the Life of... baby girl (Sundays)

The other day I told you to join me for my leisure day... Well.... let's work with Sunday for now. It's definitely different than other days...

6 o'clock hour - Mommy woke up just before daddy's alarm went off at 6:45 asking what time it was. She swore she looked at her phone and it said 3:03 but the light coming in the door was confusing her. Daddy was confused too... he saw the lights coming in the door and thought it was 7:45 on Monday morning and he slept through his alarms. They both got a good laugh at each other.

7 o'clock hour - We all got up, got dressed and hit the door running. Okay well I can't walk yet and none of us were actually running but you get the idea. We stopped to get gas in mommy's car and breakfast for mommy and daddy. I ate my breakfast on the way from the house to the gas station.

8 o'clock hour - We picked sissy up and then took off for church. I might have "talked" through church. Woops.

9 o'clock hour - Mommy wanted to go to Target. She didn't really have a reason but we were finally able to get windshield wiper blades to replace her old ones. Look at that sucker! No wonder she complained about them not working well.

10 o'clock hour - We were headed home and decided that it was getting close to lunch time. Daddy was hungry so we called grandma and grandpa to see if they wanted to join us. They said yes. To kill some time waiting on them we went to Atwoods. Tbug and I looked at the chickens and the ducks.

11 o'clock hour - we met up with grandma and grandpa and ate lunch at Del Rio. Yum! I like black beans. They joke that I'm not mommy's daughter because I like beans and will use napkins. Long story so they tell me.

12 o'clock hour - After lunch grandpa asked if we would come by the house (unless we had plans) and help breed some mares. They were running to the store to get grandma cough medicine so mommy, daddy and I went to wash mommy's car. Tbug went with gma and gpa to the store. Mommy kept joking that because we were washing her car, that 60% chance of rain would turn into 100% chance.

1 o'clock hour - We went and helped breed horses. Blondie has a better temperament than Sis does. Blue Jeans here is cute.

2 o'clock hour - We finished up with the horses and helped do chores for grandpa and then just as we were headed inside the house, a storm blew in and it rained. Yup, mommy should be a meteorologist. Like my extensive vocabulary? We were all tired (well except Tbug) so we thought we'd go home and take naps. On our way home we hit Sonic up for Happy Hour. They didn't buy me a drink though. Oh well.

3 o'clock hour - Sissy and daddy unloaded daddy's truck from yesterday. Boy will that be a story to share later this week... look for it! Mommy started laundry and then we watched a movie together while Tbug and I played with my toys on the floor.

4 o'clock hour - Tbug had to go home so I stayed with mommy and took a nap.

6 o'clock hour - Daddy got hungry so they ate dinner. They had Chicken and Herb pasta with Pesto. I was still snoozing.

7 o'clock hour - Mommy and daddy woke me up (actually daddy did) and we went and took a hot tub (sat in there...).

8 o'clock hour - Finally time for a shower and mommy did some more laundry. I guess they got muddy yesterday... like I said, wait for that story!

9 o'clock hour - Thank you for joining me for my Sunday. They are never the same but this was definitely a low key day. Now as my jammies say... it's Pasture Bedtime! and mine.

I have a few more days to share in the future... Don't forget to come see them too!!!!

Baby Squirrel!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Saturday Post {97}

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Hunk of Meat Monday: Armadillo Eggs
Baby girl
Day in the Life of - Work Day (Baby girl style)

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Recipes made from the Blog This Week
Hunk of Meat Monday: Armadillo Eggs

Week's Happenings
++So this is going up on Sunday.
++I didn't have internet yesterday...
++Friday night I stayed the night at my parents house
++at 3am I was awake just ask Jasper the Donkey decided to start braying. I giggled.
++My dad got kicked in the ribs by our stud. Dang it!
++Baby girl got her 2nd tooth. We're gaining ground now!
++2 more weeks, finals and then summer break. HOLY COW!
++I think I might go cry now with that thought!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Day in the Life of - Work Day (Baby girl style)

6am - So mornings start early at our house sometimes. We needed a bottle, then we went back to sleep for around an hour.

7am - We got up, got dressed and then it was time to head for work just before 8.

8am - We had to stop on our way to work and get a drink and breakfast. Yum!

9am - Just after we got to work and settled in it poured. They said the chance of rain was 20% and it poured.

10am - While we eat cheerios and whatever else all morning long (usually not enough, we're getting really good at throwing them on the floor), we needed to take a break for a bottle.

12pm - We had Cheddars for lunch. Again, YUM! - No pictures sadly!

1-2pm - We wheeled around work, shopping, playing with the dogs, and wearing the tires off the walker.

3pm - Then it was finally time for a nap.

5pm - After work we went to the church and ate Mexican food at Pa's Kitchen. Then it was off to Sam's to do some "light" shopping.

6pm - Grandma loves straws so we thought it would be fun to send her this picture and let her believe we bought them for her. The last ones we bought her was 400/pkg.

7pm - Shopping is hard work. It called for a nap while daddy and mommy were checking out.

8pm - One of the things we were on the hunt for was a life jacket for me for the lake. We lucked out.

9pm - We finally got home and it was time for the 4B's. Bath, bottle, burp, bed.

Thanks for joining me on my workday. Come back again and check out my "off" day.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Baby girl

I'm not a mommy blogger... although someone called me that once. And after today's post you might try to term me that again, but this is a way/place for me to remember. I don't want to forget.  And truthfully the stuff in here really should have video's because I'm not sure words will do this justice, but again, I want to remember this time in baby girl's life. As life goes on I'm afraid I'll forget.
++Every morning we wake up and she smiles at me. Sure there are a few days she wakes up crying for whatever reason, but for the most part, she wakes up, looks at me and just grins.
 ++She absolutely loves to sit on my lap. If I'm sitting on the bed, I have to sit Indian style (you know, criss cross apple sauce, I've heard it both ways) and she plops her bottom down in the hole and her legs go up and over my calves/ankles. That is her favorite way to sit on my lap.
++Driving down the road in hubby's truck she's constantly yelling. I'm not sure if the acoustics are different or what...
++In my car she chatters. In fact today she was chattering away with the song on the radio and I swear she was just singing with the radio.
++If I sit on the floor with her, some days she'll play with herself/toys and other days she HAS to sit on my lap. And again I sit Indian style and for her to sit down on my lap (without me helping her) she has to completely climb up on my legs, turn around and then she seats herself.
++We got her this stacking star thing. You place a big star, smaller and smaller until they're all stacked up and then you top it with a lion head. As you add the rings it makes noise and when the lion head is placed on top it plays a song. She's constantly taking the rings off and as she gets one off I put one back on. She gets annoyed with me I think and I just laugh. We play this game for hours upon end... until she hides the stars from me.
++She is fascinated by my books.
++She is fearless. She thinks she can walk without help. She can't... but initially she'll wrap both hands around both of your index fingers. You start walking and she lets go with one hand and you have to grab her other hand because she tries to let go with it too. Now normally maybe I should... but she usually does it when she's on concrete. I don't want her falling, hitting her head and scaring her.
That is all I can think of at this point in time, but again, I don't want to forget these little moments. They won't always be like this.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Hunk of Meat Monday: Armadillo Eggs

Midwestern at Heart: Armadillo Eggs - Sausage, Jalapeno, Cream Cheese, Cheddar cheese, YUM!
adapted from here
Midwestern at Heart: Armadillo Eggs - Sausage, Jalapeno, Cream Cheese, Cheddar cheese, YUM!
Midwestern at Heart: Armadillo Eggs - Sausage, Jalapeno, Cream Cheese, Cheddar cheese, YUM!
Midwestern at Heart: Armadillo Eggs - Sausage, Jalapeno, Cream Cheese, Cheddar cheese, YUM!
Midwestern at Heart: Armadillo Eggs - Sausage, Jalapeno, Cream Cheese, Cheddar cheese, YUM!
Midwestern at Heart: Armadillo Eggs - Sausage, Jalapeno, Cream Cheese, Cheddar cheese, YUM!
Midwestern at Heart: Armadillo Eggs - Sausage, Jalapeno, Cream Cheese, Cheddar cheese, YUM!

So last month we went to my Sister-in-law's house for her birthday. They had these incredible balls. So hubby and I got the recipe and have adapted it a little bit and we have Armadillo Eggs. YUM!

So what you'll need: 2 lbs sausage, 1-8oz block cream cheese (room temp), about a cup or so of cheddar cheese, and jalapenos. Now our jalapenos were huge so they were cut in 3-4 chunks after they were halved so I bought 12 huge jalapenos. If your jalapenos are smaller then I'd do closer to like 24ish. I did have jalapenos left over but the last time we did these I didn't... so....

Now cut your jalapenos in half lengthwise. Get rid of the seeds/ribs. Then hunk them up into about 1/4-1/2 chunks. If you're a lucky one like me and wear contacts, make sure to wear gloves. I'd recommend them to those who don't wear contacts too but if you wear contacts, definitely wear the gloves!

Mix the cream cheese with the cheddar cheese and your favorite spices. barbeque spices work best. Hubby is the spice king and I'm not sure he could tell you what he puts in ever batch so they are a bit different every time.

Now fill the jalapeno chunks with the cream cheese mixture. Then take a hunk of sausage about the size of a walnut, make it into a ball and then smooth it out making a very thin patty. Now place the jalapeno chunk upside down and wrap the sausage around the jalapeno chunk. I place the seam side down on the baking sheet. Then place in a 350˚ oven for 30 minutes or until your sausage is completely cooked through.

Midwestern at Heart: Armadillo Eggs - Sausage, Jalapeno, Cream Cheese, Cheddar cheese, YUM!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Saturday Post {96}

Top 5 Posts of the Week
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2. Happy Easter

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5. Wordless Wednesday

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Happy Easter
Happy Easter!
April 6th on the Dot
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Recipes made from the Blog This Week
++Wow I'm really sucking at this....

Week's Happenings
++Why can't I remember this week?
++I went to class... woohoooo....
++Tim came to visit again.
++Um.... yeah I can't seem to remember this week much.
++I got good baby snuggles Wednesday!
++I spent all day Thursday doing homework :(
++My knees hurt
++My allergies, whatever they are kicked up Friday night.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

So what do you do when the baby refuses to take a nap? You nap with her. btw, one of the guys came into the store today, saw my feet up there (from below) and asked if they really belonged to a person or if Grady was trying to play a joke on people. Now excuse me while I nap with the baby. Hey it works, even if after 2 hours I could barely walk (no blood in my feet....)


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