Thursday, August 25, 2016

Mermet Springs 2016

There's a story, of a trip to Mermet... oh wait, that was last year's theme song. There actually wasn't a theme song this year... more of a quote... but I'm not putting that out there!

It's the yearly trek to Mermet Springs over in Metropolis Illinois. Last year on our way we found an Italian Restaurant we wanted to eat at. Turns out we'd have had to wait for 4 hours. This year, we made reservations and trust me, it was worth it. Italian Grill on Broadway. After dinner we went down to the Ohio River shore which was like 8 blocks or so. The weather was perfect for an outing like this. And our friends John and Nelda met us for dinner and our walk to the shore.

Down at the shore there were all these murals on the wall giving the history of Paducah. I wish I'd have had time to read them all!

We found out that they have a concert series all summer, every other Thursday night that is free. How cool and fun is that? We need culture like this around home!

Just after sunset over the Ohio River.

We stayed at the Super 8 again this year. They've done us well, especially since that year that we were kicked out of that one hotel at 2am.

Friday was the first day we headed out to Mermet Springs. We like diving on Friday and Saturday so we have a leisurely stroll back home on Sunday instead of a rushed drive home on Sunday.

Just your friendly fresh water shark... lol.

Saturday is when the big group shows up. This year our numbers were down. I made sure to bring my tripod so we could do photos like this. This was missing one member, Justin, who got in at 2am and wasn't quite awake for this photo op.

It poured. Did you know that Scuba diving is a dry sport... lol. Oh come on, my scuba diving friends get that joke :).

Gorilla... that was my mascot during Grad school.

This little girl kept everyone entertained on the surface. Once, Dan came up and said he wanted a sandwich. This little 2 year old ran over to the bread and started trying to make him a PB&J sandwich. He came and helped her, but if he didn't want the sandwich, he never said. Instead he ate it with joy and bragged on her. She's quite a pistol!

The 727 from the movie U.S. Marshals.

We might have been having fun with the diving bell... just maybe....

And that makes for another memorable trip. This year, Karen and I went diving together, I lost her, she lost me. We finally found each other and had a happy reunion. Such a fun and great trip!

Monday, August 22, 2016

I am Superman

This weekend we went on a trip to Metropolis, Illinois. Do you know the significance of Metropolis? Well of course that's where Superman lived/worked. Now is it really Metropolis, Illinois? I highly doubt it, but they have Superman everywhere.

My friends and husband surprised me. As we all know I love pictures and said I wanted to go take pictures with Superman, but I thought they forgot about it. Ok, no big deal. But, nope, they came through. We found Superman yesterday morning (Sunday) before heading out of town. I love my people!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Chiefs Pre-Season

Guess what time of year it is... Chiefs Season! Go Chiefs! Okay, so it's not exactly true football season, it's Pre-season, but still It's Chiefs Season!! Saturday was a Pre-season game at home, so that meant we all piled on the Chiefs bus and headed to Kansas City.

Nancy is a Red Coater just like some of our crew. A few years back they realized we basically go right by her house on our way to the stadium, so we just pick her up on our way. Poor Nancy, Hubby and Jared were picking on her to get on the bus. Jared would open the door and then close it. Hubby was sitting in the stairs with a cup saying tips for the ride. Poor Nancy, you can never say we don't like you! :). Nancy brought brownies so they decided that was a fairly "decent" peace offering (read decent as holy yum!)

Oh Chiefs Kingdom, so happy to be back!

Abug got to go to a game this year. She didn't make any games last year because they were either night games or really cold. Cold games, we just have her stay with grandparents so she doesn't get cold because if we're freezing, only imagine how she would be!

Abug grabbed all the spare keys (except the set in the ignition) and tried to run off with them, but not before she stopped for a picture....

I'm not sure this is something you want to see so far from home... the guys working on the bus.

Our game was against the Seattle Seahawks.

This just so happened to be a Tbug weekend and our friends had a seat for her. When Tbug is around no one else is in Abug's eyes. Abug wanted a nap, so she curled up in Tbug's lap and slept almost an hour and 45 minutes.

So now on the game itself... Well... We were in the lead all the way up until no minutes on the clock, the Seahawks made a touchdown. After the touch down they got a chance for an extra point kick from the 25 that gets them 1 point, or they could run/pass from the 2 for 2 points. They went the route for the 2 points and wound up winning the game with no minutes on the clock 17 to 16. Sigh. Oh well, it was one heck of a good game!

Hubby found these. I didn't get to try any... but I hear they were excellent.


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