Saturday, May 23, 2015

Riding Horses - It's fun!

Last weekend a friend of ours (and her twin sister) brought her son over to my parents house to ride horses. Mom set it up so that it would be a Tbug weekend, that way if her son got scared, Tbug could help calm him down. Tbug is great with babies and little kids. You have no idea! (I guess she has experience with one sibling on our side and two on her mom's side....)

SP had a great time riding the horses. When his aunt rode he was fine but the minute momma got on the horse he threw a fit. His aunt promised him a slushy if he'd quit throwing a fit and he said, "Okay I quit" and that was the last of the fit we heard about :). His momma said he didn't like slushies anyway but they'd stop and get him one :).

I happened to be on Blonde Barbie (our baby) riding. It is good to get her experience with lots of different things going on. Hubby jumped on KG. Since he was on our seasoned horse and I was on the baby, I allowed him to do the photos.

I tried to convince them to stand up on Aloha but they wouldn't. I proved to them that it could be done, I stood up on her back. Now I know Aloha and know she's about as kid broke of a horse as they come. As with all horses something can go wrong but for the most part she's kid proof. So I stood up on her but no one thought to take a picture of that... dang it!

After SP rode and then they left, Tbug jumped back on Aloha and worked cows, but that's another post for another day :).

Friday, May 22, 2015

The Three B's

Seems like I've had baby girl sleeping through the night since early months old. I try to keep her to a routine... the Three B's. It used to be the Four B's but we deleted "burp" from the bedtime routine.

What are the Three B's you ask? Bath, Bottle, Bed. Now I know they say you shouldn't do bottles before bed once they start getting teeth, but the fact of the matter is, she'll sleep through the night because she has a full belly.  I'm not sure who they is... professionals maybe? Either way it works for this baby for now!! :).

On top of the three B's she has her two animals that she prefers to sleep with. One is a floppy horse. Her favorite part is the butt part because of the tags. We laugh and laugh but she LOVES tags.

Since she loves tags so much we actually found a brand of baby things called Taggies. So we ordered her a monkey taggie and she absolutely LOVES her taggie.

I don't complain about my baby squirrel sleeping though. She'll fight sleep for a few minutes before she goes to sleep but from there she's a great sleeper. We do make sure if we're traveling to take the horse and now monkey with us so that we can create a similar atmosphere to sleeping at home.

I always read that if you can create similarities that they'll sleep anywhere. Must be nice. I want to be a baby again so I can sleep anywhere and everywhere. As a kid I used to so hopefully she'll get her sleeping habits from me.

Now fun story on her daddy: He was at church one time for church service. When they got home that day he was supposed to mow the lawn. He accidentally fell asleep at church. At that time their church was being built so they were on metal fold up chairs. In his dream he went to crank the mower over and did the action and flipped himself right out of his chair, crashed chairs all into each other and fell on the floor. And that my friends is my husband!

So are you still one of the lucky ones who can sleep anywhere at anytime? Please give me some tips. I used to be able to until I grew up...

Monday, May 18, 2015

Miniature Horses, not Ponies

Just so you know, there is a difference between miniature horses and ponies. Don't ask me the difference because I really don't know, something I need to research. A few weeks ago though, Tbug and I were discussing miniature horses and ponies. She thought they were the same thing and I had to tell her they weren't. She said she wanted to see a miniature horse then.

Just so happens, my dad is friends with people who have some. How convenient! Saturday we loaded up in the truck and headed to their house, dad needed to deliver some papers for them anyway. Tbug got to see/pet her first miniature horse.

They've actually trained a team of driving miniatures, so they said they would hitch them up for us too. Tbug helped brush the babies off. They really aren't babies, one is 2 and the other is 3 or they are 3 and 4, Wayne couldn't remember off the top of his head. They are full brother and sister though.

Wayne built this cart for them. He even put a mirror in there so that he could see what was going on behind him. I was sitting in the cart taking pictures when Wayne went to hitch the horses to the cart. He went to pull the cart forward and couldn't figure out why it was heavier than when he pulled it out of the barn. We all got a good laugh out of that one :).

And they're off.

This team of miniatures are special because they are so similar in size and color markings. Typically that's what you want in a team of horses.

Hubby, my dad and I even got to go for a ride. It was pretty darn relaxing!

Once we were back hubby and Tbug helped unhitch the horses and put them back in their pens.

Wayne has even made shoes for the team. These were made out of pony shoes which are a bit to big so he had to grind them down to make them fit the miniature horses.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Day 4 & 5 of the Conference - Chicago, IL

Day 4 of the conference we ate breakfast, attended sessions, walked around the expo center... you know much of the same.


That night they had an attendee celebration. They catered in 30 local restaurants who had bite sized food. The rough part of it was that you stood in a line for a while for just a bite. The good thing was the food was good.

Replica of the skyline and the bean. That's the closest to the bean we actually got.

Human size chess set. There were actually people who played too. None of our people did that I saw.

The skyline in ice.

Then there was a concert: Fallout Boy

Friday we ventured out into the city for a few minutes before heading to the airport to catch flights home. My boss and I decided to go to the Field Museum.

I took the picture and joked I should send it to my wife. My boss said go for it. My wife put my boss (and me) on her list. {Yes you are... now has anyone seen my list... it has both their names on it!!!}

Then I sent this to my wifey and asked if this would give her chest support....

There were a lot more pictures taken, these are just the ones she chose.

Then trying to fly home, we were delayed in Chicago because of storms. Then we were delayed because of storms coming out of Oklahoma into Missouri that they weren't sure the plane would beat so we had to do an alternate route pattern causing the need for more fuel. Then when we finally got back home I was greeted by my lovely wife and baby girl waiting for me at the airport. {We waited in the cell lot so that we didn't have to pay to park yet. I actually took this picture}

I was soooo happy to see them. I missed them!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Day 2 & 3 - Chicago & ChiSox Restaurant

So thanks for indulging me. My wifey is better at this blogging than I am. She's wordier.

They fed us breakfast (everyday) but I didn't take pictures of it.

Tuesday was Cinco de Mayo so they fed us Mexican. You're looking at it. (Tamale's, corn, chips & salsa, rice)

This was a really cool waterfall behind the McCormick Center. It's out facing Lake Michigan.

And here's Lake Michigan. Pretty much every day we were there the weather looked like this.

Wifey told me about Starbucks Frappachino deal May 1-10. The McCormick center had 2 Starbucks so I thought I'd go indulge. Yeah, I got there before 3. Oh well... I still got something.

That night we went to dinner. I didn't take pictures. It wasn't all that good. But I did get this shot of the skyline because it was cool. Look at the fog around the buildings.

Wednesday's lunch

Austin Powers made an appearance.

Wednesday night we went to a Chicago White Sox versus Detroit Tigers baseball game. We ate at the restaurant at the stadium. The food was excellent. Funny story... I accidentally dropped my drink down my leg and into my shoe. Then I got to sit through a 58˚F baseball game with wet jeans and socks.

I got the Chopped Brisket Cheesesteak Sandwich. Hello yum it was good.

And that would be a wrap for day 2 & 3.


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