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Favorite book | Blogtober '14

Is it a copout to say I love a series? I'm not sure I have 1 favorite book, I like lots of different books, and sadly Romance novels are sometimes my favorite types... but I love the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. I'm a little behind on reading them... I'm at book 14. Finding time these days among reading class work is difficult. But I think Hard Eight is so far my favorite book.

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Pumpkin Carving #2 - Underwater

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++Oy.... none... but my grandma made us meatloaf!++

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++We finally made it to a pumpkin patch
++Underwater Pumpkin carving
++A baby shower
++I did to much work on an assignment... so I had to back off.
++Maple Leaf Parade
++We've had a weird bird flying around our house at all times of the day

Friday, October 24, 2014

Pumpkin Carving #2 - Underwater

Last Sunday Tbug took her chances at carving a pumpkin underwater. I stated that Saturday night she tried her hand at pumpkin carving on land since it had been a year since she'd carved a pumpkin. Our local dive shop hosts a yearly underwater pumpkin carving and she wanted to participate. Her dad and I had to divide and conquer that day, he took her to that and I went to a baby shower with baby girl.

Since I couldn't be there I told everyone to make sure I got lots and lots of pictures.

Around 1pm all who were going to participate and their diving partners headed to the water. They had 45 minutes or a tank pressure of no lower that 500 psi to carve their pumpkins.

Sysco and Pete were totally having fun stealing this one guys pumpkin. I guess even in the water Sysco took it away from the guy and then headed for shore. I wish they'd have gotten video of it... could have been America's Home Video worthy maybe...

Waiting to enter the water.

And they're off.

When carving pumpkins underwater, it is best to wait to clean out the inside, otherwise you have pumpkin guts all around you.

And she's done.

All participants are the judge. This was the 1st place pumpkin.

All the carvers with their pumpkins.

One Beauty Product You Can't Live without | Blogtober '14

That would be my Chi. I got it back in like 2002 and never looked back... As you've seen before, my hair has a mind of its own...

so the chi at least helps out with that some...

So what beauty product can you not live without?

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Blog Tour: My Writing Process

So I've seen this blog tour going around and I sooooooo wanted to be a part of it, but was afraid I might not get the chance. Then low and behold... last week I got an email from Kenzie over at Chasing my Extraordinary
 and she asked if I wanted to be a part of it! OMG seriously, of course I'd love to!!!! Kenzie found my little ole blog what seems like a years ago and we've seriously become very good friends (or so I think :)). We're constantly emailing each other, texting and snap chatting. We have lots in common between our love of horses, our significant others (my husband her fiancĂ©) and kids! That's one good thing blogs bring to people, friendship with people they may not have met otherwise!

What am I working on?
Does losing my mind count :). No currently for the el Bloggo here I'm working on finishing up Blogtober that is hosted by Helene and Tay. I also have a bunch of prompts that I found here while back that when I get into a writing slump I jump to. I'm in a Document Design class and constantly learning more and more about design and hoping to fix some things that weren't jiving just right for my blog and me so if you've been noticing changes, that's why. Otherwise I also blog about life as I know it.

How does my work differ from others of its type/genre?
I grew up on a farm. I can do the city life and I absolutely love the city, but I blog about life on the farm too. Traveling is another thing that just absolutely tickles my fancy and cooking or even eating out. To me this is a bit of a lifestyle journal in a way. I'm scared that someday when something happens to me, people won't remember who I am and this is a way to make my mark on the world... or at least my little piece of the blogosphere.

Why do I write what I do? 
I want to remember life. I used to scrapbook and I love looking back and remembering. I actually started this blog just after my husband and I started dating and it is so much fun to sit here and go back over how life has changed in 5 years. I've gone from barely dating to being married and having a baby. I also sometimes just write whatever is on my mind. I've always wanted to make a difference and maybe, just maybe I'll put a post up that might help someone some day in some way...
How does my writing process work?
Truthfully I write a lot of my posts while I'm driving down the road or in the shower. Then I have to get somewhere where I can either write them down or type them out and usually by then I've forgotten. I hate that. That's how it was all while I was working on my under grad degree. I always said I wanted to create something to take in the shower with me so I could write my papers. Funny I know but true, oh so true. My husband says my writing and my writing process has changed since I started this blog and I'm not sure if that is a good thing or if it is a bad thing. It makes me sit back and scratch my head and wonder. Especially since we all know my original post was so profound... yuck yuck yuck!

| Blog Tour |

Emmy from EmmyMom is a blogger I feel like I've followed forever. I don't know who found who first but my first real memory of Emmy was from the Yearly review back in like 2010 or 2011, something like that. I love her pictures and am constantly picking her brain from everything dealing with photography to her religion to kids, you name it I've probably asked her at some point or another... lol. She's always so willing to talk to me and I absolutely love it! She blogs about her life in Southern California, her children and her faith and everything in between.

Kellie over at Smell my Dairy Air, can I just say how much I LOVE the title of her blog? I really think she found my blog first but I'm so glad she did. She is another one of those people who I can carry on a conversation with even though we're in different parts of the country. She blogs about her kids and her crazy animals, although they aren't always crazy and how she bought a wine making kit which I'm still waiting to see how that works! And it makes me happy I don't bare the winters they have up in Wisconsin, that's for sure. I'm a wuss!

Favorite instagram editing apps/ or editing tools for your blog | Blogtober '14

When it comes to editing my photos...

| Blog |
Photoshop and Photoshop Elements are my go to but sometimes I go to or depending on what I want to do and what will work best for me.

I'm getting better at Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, it surprises me so much. Especially when the other day at school I actually made my project in PSE.

I surprise myself sometimes :). ha! I got a 93/100 on this assignment. I agree with all the criticism too.

So when I'm on my phone and want to edit a photo... I use one app... That's Camera+. Now I really like Square ready to make the Instagram ready if I'm uploading photos like my 365 project. I also like the ABM app. And since I'm doing a 365 project, Collect helps keep me on track to remember to take my photos, plus it helps keep them in a calendar.

So there you have it :). What apps am I missing out on??

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