Thursday, January 26, 2017

2 Years 7 Months

  • You are my little farm girl.
  • You love the movie Frozen and want to watch it multiple times per day (not that you get to which makes you think it's the end of the world)
  • Your second favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast (mommy's favorite) but there are parts in it that scare you and you run and hide (it's rather cute).
  • You love Cinderella even though you've only seen the movie once.
  • It sounds like you watch a lot of tv and most days you don't, but it is winter so sadly some days you do.
  • You love your papa, grandma, memaw, grandma J, sissy, grandeb, grady, jared, karen, and of course your mommy and daddy.
  • Your at the point now when other people are around, mommy doesn't exist, but if mommy leaves, you'll scream for her (makes me feel good that you still want me around!).
  • You'll say you can't take your shoes off and need help, but you're one of the fastest people I know about taking shoes off.
  • You've gotten in to wearing your socks as mittens.
  • Some days you're happy go lucky and other days you cry your head off. I can't ever explain.
  • You have nightmares some days and wake up crying but put yourself back to sleep.
  • Your favorite thing to do is chores with papa.
  • You argue with anyone about whose Aloha she is, whose Memaw she is, and other random things like that.
  • You love pooncakes (pancakes), butter, chicken nuggets (but only from Chik-fil-a), bootsnacks (fruitsnacks), applesauce (but it has to be pink because you like pink)
  • You watch Doc McStuffins so you have to check our hearts and eyes at least once a day and think everyone needs a boon-daid (bandaid)
  • I typically let you sleep as close to 8-9 as I can keep you asleep. You refuse to nap these days although sometimes lose that battle, then we start showering between 7 and 9 depending on the night and settle in. Most nights you fall asleep because you're exhausted, some nights we have to totally ignore you so you will go to sleep. And that sounds way worse than it is... you just feel like you should stay up talking.
  • you are a chatty kathy.
  • If I tell you we're going to go get dressed you think that means you'll wear a dress, every time.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Cake Decorating Day

We had a Cake decorating day! Believe it or not, all these mixers on this counter are mine... Okay, well technically the blue one is my mom's and the gray one is the hubs. The black one is a spare one we have and I don't own one anymore... I sold mine. But still.... They are all mine. They were all transported to Deb's house via my truck. Okay fine... hubby's truck. Geez... lol

It all started with Tracy and me discussing Russian decorating tips and the fact that I took cake decorating classes back in like 2008. Then the day stemmed from there. Back in December she mentioned she heard that I took classes and wondered if I could help her. Of course. Then she said she had Russian tips. I'd never heard of those. Turns out, they are just bigger tips. I can't say I'm totally crazy about them.... but that's just my opinion. From there we decided to get together and play with decorating cakes. But it turned into a party.

Deb heard and volunteered her kitchen to get messy. Hey, no complaints from me. Then Kristi decided she wanted in too. The next day her dad was having an 80th birthday party, so perfect timing for that cake. Bam. Like how we work?

I baked my cake before hand so I wasn't tying up Deb's oven. I went with Pioneer Woman's Chocolate cake that she swears she had to learn to be able to marry her husband. When I got to Deb's house that day, she decided on Red Velvet. Since I was there about an hour to an hour and a half before everyone else, we decided to get hers baked and cooling while we were at it. Kristi showed up and we started working on baking her cake too. She asked if we could make a couple extra small cakes for her to take home for her son so he could decorate one too. I said of course!

Kristi wound up doing a butter cake out of Deb's Betty Crocker cookbook from the 70's. By the way, can I mention now how much I love cookbooks but also older cookbooks. Seriously! Kristi is getting married next month and got side tracked talking to Deb about wedding plans (future mother in law with future daughter in law) so I took over baking Kristi's cake for her... haha.

But I didn't decorate the cake for her... no siree bob, I made her decorate it 😀. I'm nice like that. I'd show her and then let her do it. You learn more by doing anyway 😜. The funny thing was I showed her how to make roses. I made 2, then turned the stuff over to her. She made 2 as well. My first one turned out way runny so I scraped it back into the bowl... so that would lead you to believe we'd have 3 roses for the cake. Well... so you'd think. Somewhere we lost one. We have NO idea what happened to one of the roses. So she had 2.

When Tracy got there, she quickly started in on her cake, she made a chocolate cake, and then decided to make chocolate covered strawberries. Oooooo Fancy.

Turns out in the end, we decided to use a couple of those for Deb's cake decorations.

So I was teaching them how to write with icing. When I was in classes, the teacher told us sometimes to write on our hands because then you could eat the icing... plus it was a blank canvas to write on. Well I'm not a huge icing only fan so I never ate mine, but I did learn and practice writing on my hand. So I was showing them how to write... on my hand. I started with an M. Then showed stars around a Y because I was trying to explain an idea for the cake. I read it as My Stars and if you know me, one of my dogs names is Marlie. I have a tendency to say Oh My Stars Miss Mars, so I went on and it says, My Stars (actual stars) Miss Mars. Isn't that sweet... literally 😝.

Then I ran out of hand so I started in on my arm. I got made fun of for this, but the Chiefs were going to the playoffs the next day so I had to represent.

Kristi's cake.

I wasn't going to decorate mine, but then quickly decided to. We actually ate this at the Playoff's game. Now toward the end I started running out of green icing, then my tip blew out of my bag so I kept pushing icing through the tip with my finger.

And Deb's Masterpiece. No one took a picture of Tracy's....

Abug was there too. She kept herself entertained bouncing around and eating strawberries... or at least the chocolate off the strawberries. Look what we found sitting on the table....

Most of these pictures taken with Tracy's Nikon D3400. She got it for Christmas but didn't know how to use it and didn't seem real interested. Brought it and the traveling backpack she got for it for me to see. She doesn't know me very well... she thought I'd be more interested in the backpack than the camera. She doesn't know me very well at all. I love cameras and took over her camera to take pictures with it. I put it to use 😝, I'm not scared. Plus now I can say I've show with a D3400.

So whenever anyone asks me for camera recommendations... if they want a dSLR, the D3000 series in Nikon is one of my go to suggestions. Easy to use, light weight, and they take great pictures. If you want Canon, then I go to the T#i series (I think they're on 6 now....).

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Fried Pie Day

I learned Abug gets her face making abilities from mommy....

So a while back... try last spring, last summer maybe... hubby and I had Karen and Jared over for dinner. I tried to make fried pies and let's just say it was doomed from the start. I told Karen sometime we'd go to my grandma's and have her teach us how. And that's just what we did.

The weather outside was awful, so why not eat pie! I mean do you really need a reason to eat pie? I called Grandma up and got on her schedule. I'm telling you, my grandma is 84 years old and has a more rigorous schedule than I do. Anyway we went down to her house and she showed us the ropes on making Fried pies. Of course not with out the messes of messing up someone else's kitchen. I may or may not have dumped cornstarch slurry all over the counter and Karen may or may not have tried to throw an egg across the kitchen. I have no idea on that one... I was down in the basement getting the apples for the apple fried pies. We made apple fried pies and cherry fried pies. And boy were they yummy!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

It was a Birthday!!

It seems like on everyone's birthday, you know except for mine, we're out riding horses. Tbug's 14th birthday was no different, but she does have a thing for riding horses. I hope she always has that desire! Sadly, Abug might have confiscated her horse....

Never fear, Kansas stepped up to bat for Tbug to ride... only problem was, then Abug wanted to ride with Tbug. Aloha looked a little lost. At one point, I hopped on her back but Abug told me I was to get off her horse. Tbug said, I'll share a lot of things with you, but Aloha is mine. Gosh I love both of those girls.

I wish there was an explanation for this photo. I think Abug told me not to touch Aloha and after the third time of telling me I put my hands up to prove I wasn't touching her... but that was back on the 2nd of January so I don't quite remember.

Abug is our treat feeder. In fact, she drug papa to the barn to get treats for all the horses.

Just as we were getting done riding it started to sprinkle. Perfect timing! I was so excited to give Tbug her Birthday present from us (a new Hydros BC for Scuba diving) that I couldn't stand it anymore. I didn't wrap it though... so I made her cover her eyes. Abug then threw her jacket over sissy's head so she wouldn't peek.

Once I had the present in there, we told her to look but she wouldn't right away.

This face shows she was a little excited, but I seriously think I was more excited than she was. bummer. ha! This... this thing is cool. Because of back orders and everything else, not many divers have these right now. She's pretty special.

After she opened her presents, then we weren't sure what to do. I suggested having everyone help me take down the Christmas tree but I was quickly nixed which means I got to take it down all by myself. Typical.... sigh. So instead we went to the movies and watched "Moana." Let's just say, that's a really cute movie.

We had plans to meet up with my parents at Outback around 7 that night (you know, after the movie). Then we headed home to open the rest of her Birthday presents from my parents.

She got her own personalized Kansas City Chiefs jersey, body soap, a picture of HER Aloha, and Deb and Grady gave her 3 rash guards for scuba diving.

While I can't speak for her, I'd say she had a fairly good 14th birthday. Then the other day I realized that oh crap... next year she's getting her learner's permit. HELP US NOW!

Happy Birthday!


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