Thursday, February 4, 2016

Chopped Liver

One of my friends, Megan sells wine for the Traveling Vineyard. I've been invited to a party by a few friends and it hasn't worked out, including I got my dates mixed up once. I swear I'm spastic sometimes, or feel that way anyway. Anyway Saturday night my friend Tiffany invited me to a party at her house and I was finally able to make one. So did hubby.

Riley was just hanging out. She came out once the alcohol went away. This really is the sweetest dog!

I haven't really drank since before I had Abug and really I'm not a drinker anyway. I wasn't real crazy about these wines, I'm more of a sweet wine drinker if I do drink wine. I'd sip something, hubby would sip it, then I'd dump the rest in Tiffany's glass. That's the way I drink... get others to drink it for you :). Yup, guilty as charged.

Although my name became Chopped Liver. They would pass around a chip basket to help your mouth cleanse between sips and Tiffany bypassed me a couple times. Therefore my name is Chopped Liver but you can call me Choppy.

After the tasting one of our friends had to take his daughter back to her car so he brought food back with him. When he got back, we all played Cards against humanity. Holy cow that is hilarious. It might get a little dirty but it's so hilarious! If you haven't played it, you must!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sunny and 68

Saturday morning the weather was predicted to be in the upper 60's. The upper 60's in January, really? Holy cow yes! And was it ever awesome!?!?

Hubby, Grady, and Jared had plans to help Chuck start cleaning the campgrounds that we use for the trail riding events. If you remember the rains in December after Christmas... there was mud everywhere. The refrigerator and freezer were full of water. The hot water heater was busted (I think that's what I heard). It did a lot of damage to the shower facilities. There was 36" of water before it crested. So they decided since they had a free weekend, why not go down and start the cleanup process.

Abug and I tagged along because we heard there might be horses coming for us to ride. We didn't have to haul ours down, Karen brought a couple extra so we could ride with her and Deb while the men worked. Hey that sounds like our kind of deal :).

Before we went out riding though, we took Pete and Sisco down to the water and let them swim while we threw rocks in the water and even skipped a few. I didn't realize I still knew how to skip rocks. It's been well over 15 years since I last tried.

After the dogs got their exercising in, we saddled up and headed out. We took a couple hour ride on the trails. Abug rode with Deb and Karen. I was on Jared's horse and while they knew she was sound, I'd never ridden her before so I felt more comfortable with Abug on their horses with them since they knew how their horses would react to different things and they knew their horses were okay with her on with them. In fact, Rouge (Karen's horse) slowed down some, especially going down a hill knowing that Abug was on with Karen. That made me feel more comfortable. Now that I've ridden Callie once, I'd be more willing to take Abug with me. It's just a matter of feeling comfortable on the horse you're on and knowing how they'll react. I've ridden horses enough to know how to react to one, but I feel better about it now. On our horses, I know exactly how they'll react and how to react to them, but on a new horse.... It's not so much that I'm scared of horses, I'm scared of that landing. When I was 15 and fell of, well I recovered faster than this 32 (is that how old I am?) year old body of mine. Whew! lol.

Once we got to the cave, we hopped off so I could Pee and Abug could see the cave. Plus just to give her little legs a little time to relax. We piled my sweatshirt up under her to give her more of a cushion and make Karen a little more comfortable with Abug in the saddle with her. That meant I was riding horses in January in a T-shirt. Yes, January in a T-shirt and was comfortable.

Once we got back, we decided to make lunch. Abug on the other hand wanted to stay on the horse. She did not want off and threw a fit when we made her get off for a bit. After she ate lunch though, don't worry, Karen took her back on a short ride. Hey we promised.

It may not have been Sunny and 75 but it was sunny and 68. We'll take it, especially in January.

Monday, February 1, 2016

365 - January - Photos 123-153 - Take 2

Oh where oh where did January go? Seriously, how is it February already? I mean didn't we just celebrate Christmas and New Years? Anyway, I'm still plugging away on my 365 project... although I really should call it 365+1 or 366 since this year is a leap year.... just a thought.

123/365 - This is the way to bring in the new year... SCUBA diving!

124/365 - I now have a teenager on my hands... Yikes! And those boots are only a size 7... don't be fooled by the picture! Happy Birthday Tbug!

125/365 - Not only did I get to hang with good friends, but I also got to meet and hang with KC Chiefs alumni, Noland Smith and his sons Noland Jr. and Kevin. Ready to watch KC play a great game today. LETS GO CHIEFS!

126/365 - I took my tree down before February...

127/365 - Isn't this how you work out... with a donut?

128/365 - First movie! She did great, oh and she watched it. What did we see? Star Wars The Force Awakens

129/365 - How do you spend your days? Lovin' it!

130/365 - Our chariot awaits... Houston bound for the Chiefs/Texans playoff game.

131/365 - Chiefs playoffs game against Houston Texans. Final score 30-0. And by 4th quarter, with some running and smooth talking plus help from an unknown man, we were lower level seating about 10 rows back from the field if that!

132/365 - Laniebug didn't want to sit still for a photo. I finally got a fairly decent one of her.

133/365 - School Starts...

134/365 - Ready to go to grandma's. 2 babies, a baby carrier, and the cover off my changing table pad. What more could you need or want? Oh... the binkie. Check!

135/365 - the funny KitKat story... I stuck a small one in my pocket the other day and then couldn't find it....Hubby bought me this one telling me not to lose it too....

136/365 - I got new tenny runners. It took me over 7 years to wear out the last pair. Any bets how long for this pair? And truthfully I can still wear the old ones...

137/365 - Wings and Football. Great Friday night! And what better football game to watch than Superbowl 1, am I right? I mean we all know the outcome of that game but still....

138/365 - National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in OKC. This was the Mock city they had set up in the Museum. Totally cool!!

139/365 - I wish I knew what she was thinking!

140/365 - She loves to drive!

141/365 - it was a homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese kind of night!

142/365 - Yes? May I help you?

143/365 - We had a 10 minute major meltdown because I made her wear snow boots.... 10 minutes of screaming and tears... Then she went outside and was fine....

144/365 - It is a fire kind of day. Give the heater a break and use the fireplace... yeah! ahhhhh!

145/365 - nap time

146/365 - She's growing up way to fast!

147/365 - Have you ever taken a slide off a camper? It's quite interesting to say the least!

148/365 - Sometimes they have staring contests through the door. They like each other though!

149/365 - Thank you Dano!

150/365 - Why, don't you always hold your pen in your hand like this. haha.

151/365 - I finally got new house shoes. That's all

152/365 - High of 68, why not go riding!?!? Abug got to experience her first trail ride.

153/365 - Helping daddy and grandpa work colts. They got a new gate girl (disclaimer: she stayed on the outside of the pen and the gate was chained closed.)


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