Friday, June 24, 2016

The Swimming Pool Diaries

Some days I think we need our heads examined... At the last minute we decided to open our pool. It hasn't been opened in 2 years and boy was it disgusting. My sister in law, brother in law, father in law, and niece came over to help. We spent all last Saturday scrubbing the lining and after deciding to empty the entire pool to start fresh, so we spent time draining the pool. It kind of was the only option... I'm now trying to get it filled back up. We're a couple inches up on the shallow end. We're filling it up with our well so it's 2 hours on, 2 hours off so we don't pump the pool full of mud like we did in 2011. Boy was that ever fun!

I can tell you getting that last bit of water out of the deep end was difficult. Our little pump wasn't working and the big drain wouldn't drain it because there was no pressure. The shop vac wasn't strong enough to pull it out from the side, so I put Tbug down there and I stood on the diving board, she scooped the water into a bucket, I pulled the bucket up, and my father in law dumped the bucket. Finally the little pump started working again so between both efforts we got it all out and then were able to take the shop vac down and get what was left. Whew!

So in the mean time I'm cleaning my house for a birthday party on Sunday that I'm also planning and baking all the cakes/cookies for all while trying to find a job. Multi-tasking at it's finest. And yup, my baby squirrel is turning 2 on Sunday and I'm trying to keep it together! Oy! How can it already be 2 years? Wow, do you see a theme for this post... 2 years...

Tomorrow we're headed to the lake, so I have to get everything done for Sunday today. Oy! I think I'm getting a few more gray hairs... or maybe not. Stress ya know. ha! So now that my alarm is going off to go shut off the pool, I better get to running. And yes, our water is up higher than this picture, this is just the picture I took the other day. So we're at the point of filling up the pool that takes forever!

Oh.... and after last week's incident (aka the stupid snake) I thought I was going to have to kill my cat this morning. I was in our laundry room looking for oil (our pantry is in there too) and I could hear something but couldn't see anything. Then I saw this black thing and about had a heart attack. So the tip of my cats tail is black, but it looked like a snake for a minute. Oy!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Farmers and a Public Service Announcement

Did you know it's hay season? Yup, hay season is in full swing and pretty much has been since June 1st in this part of the country. It was funny, the hot weather hit and everyone started mowing hay. In fact, I have to go help pick up 100 square bales tonight. But last week I worked on round bales. It takes a tractor to pick those up... I'm not freakishly strong or anything.

Last Friday I went and baled hay for dad. Thursday night when dad and hubby got off work we all worked on raking/baling hay until the dew set in, got the hay a little damp, and killed dad's tractor. The big tractor wasn't running right, needed a new alternator so we hooked dad's tractor up to the baler. She works like a champ with the baler but for whatever reason she stalled out and well... she's a 47 year old tractor... so when she dies, you have to let her cool off before she'll run again. And I have no idea why I'm referring to the tractor in the female sense.

Boy was it hot that day! Mom sat in the field in the truck with Tbug and Abug in the air conditioner (for the girls). Karen and Jared showed up to help. Karen helped dig out a few baler clogs I wound up with, but I got the hay baled. In fact, I got done just in time for dad to come home from work, change clothes, and come to the field to road the tractor home. Perfect timing huh?

Now I wan't to put out a Public Service Announcement! If it weren't for farmers/farm machinery, the world would not run because farmers produce your food. I love when people say their food comes from the store. Well, how did it get there? Trucks. Where did the trucks get it? Factories (or whatever). And that came from where? Oh that's right, a farmer.

Earlier this week a 62 year old man in Strafford, MO was killed moving his tractor either home or to the next field, whatever. A semi went to pass him, hit him, and killed him. I know we all have busy lives and are in a hurry these days, but please be courteous to farmers! They are doing their job just like the rest of us except they don't usually work 8-5.

Dad's baler doesn't have a slow moving vehicle sign on it anymore, fell of sometime within the last year so I ran interference, meaning I put my 4-way flashers on and followed him. The tractor at top speed runs 15 miles an hour and because they made one of the roads out by our house an interstate, we now have to go the way long way around. Fun times! So I was on the back road and a Highway Patrol got in behind me. I won't lie, that always makes me nervous, not because I'm doing something wrong, but it just does.

There was a car behind him. I would bet the Hi-Po followed me for every bit of a mile or so, I figured he would pass when he had a chance. He didn't. But the guy behind him passed the Hi-Po, me, dad on the tractor. Then I saw the lights go on. I thought oh crap what did I do but the Hi-Po went around me. I thought crap is he going after dad? Nope, he went around dad and got the guy who flew past us. I would also like to mention that we had maybe at most 20 yards before we were turning off, now none of the people behind us would probably know that but... I would like to know why the Hi-Po actually pulled that man over, but at the same time it is nice to know that someone was on our side.

Dad and hubby in the past have been flipped off, cussed out, tried to be run off the road, and everything else because we've had to move farm machinery. The big tractor runs 20mph at top speeds and the other tractor runs 15mph. I know we're all busy, trust me, farmers are trying to get everything done in their allotted time too, so next time you go to flip off a farmer or cuss him out, remember, he's working hard to keep you fed.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Father's Day 2016

This year for Father's Day weekend we didn't have Tbug. In fact, I'm not sure we do most years. We made plans to get her Saturday evening but then it turned out I picked her up Friday noon so she got to spend an extra weekend with us.

I always wanted to be that mom/wife who had her stuff together and got everything wrapped perfectly and had the house decorated for every season/holiday... but I fail there. So this was the fancy wrapping job hubby got.

So earlier this year he decided to get a pair of these slip on shoes but I made some smart alec comment about being old man shoes or something and he refused to get them. So the girls got him a pair for Father's Day. We also got him new UnderArmor Socks that he loves and a water bottle for the field.

We met my parents at Longhorn for lunch. Then we met back up at my parents house that afternoon. While hubby, the girls, and dad cleaned saddles/bridles, I mowed my parents lawn for them. No I didn't break my parents mower... a tree limb fell on it earlier this year.

I'm pretty sure Donk thought it was hot. I'm pretty sure I agreed with him!

I made arrangements with Tbug's mom that she would get Tbug from my parents house, but that her kiddos could come ride too. So we got horses saddled before hand so Abug could ride some also.

And that was Father's Day. Fairly low key, but for as hot as it was, who wanted to do much more?

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Snake and the Car Update

Do you know the snake story up to this point? If not, go read the post... I'll wait. Okay, now you're up to date, let's move on.

So, I was beginning to think people thought I was crazy (hush) because no one else had seen this snake. It was there though. So that evening after dad and hubby both got off work, we went to the hayfield and started raking/baling hay. It was 10pm by the time we got home. Hubby went out to see if the snake was moving. He wasn't. So he decided to just leave him there.

Friday morning my Father in law came out to my house and thought he'd work on getting the snake out of my car. The snake had moved up into the dash of my car. He tried to freeze him out, he tried to blast him out (turned the heater on in June....), and then tried to smoke him out with hubby's smoker for the bees. Finally got the darn thing to stir, so at least now another person finally saw the snake. He tried to pin the snake between the floor and my house broom until the handle on my house broom broke and the snake scurried back up into the dash. After an hour or so he decided to just give up.

I went to the hayfield Friday afternoon to bale hay for dad. By the time we got home that night, it was 10pm again. Hubby went out and took a stab at getting that snake out of my car. He shined a flashlight in all windows seeing if that snake had moved. He saw nothing. Jared told us to use mothballs to get it out. Apparently snakes don't like mothballs.

Hubby decided to put the mothballs in the passenger side to shew the snake out of the drivers side. He opened up the passenger door and there the snake was in the floor board of the passenger side. He reached in and threw it out of the car. Then grabbed it with a pair of long handled hand shears my Father in law left at my house to cut its head off. Granted it is a black snake, but we didn't want it back in my car.

The shears though were too dull to cut its head off so he had to find a box knife to cut its head off. I was standing just inside the door watching from a distance. Remember, I. DON'T. DO. SNAKES. Ugh, just the thought of all of this is giving me goose bumps again! ugh!

And now, the part I've been dreading... the picture of the snake... This sucker was in my car.

Strawberry Moon

They call it a Strawberry Moon. Apparently from what I've read it's because having a full moon on the Summer Solstice told olden cultures it was time to harvest. Seems a little early to me... I guess in Europe Strawberries aren't common so they call it a Rose moon. It's also known as a honey moon and a couple other names. Maybe that full moon explains some weirdness that's been happening, like a snake in my car. Seriously who has that happen? I have an update on that... but not today. I just played with taking pictures last night and thought I'd share.

Supposedly this Strawberry Moon hasn't happened since 1948. My Mother in law said she was 2 at that time. And supposedly it won't happen for another 48 years. They say for most people it's a once in a lifetime experience. I'm 32 + 48, I could potentially see another one.... I'd be 80. Yup, the English Major just did Math... check me!

Happy Summer!

Monday, June 20, 2016

How to: Clean a Mildewed Saddle

It was really funny, people around my parts of the country were complaining that it was so cold in May, then once June hit, BAM, the heat hit but so did the humidity. And it is hard for some people to imagine the midwest having humidity since we're not surrounded by water, but there are days that you can walk out and be ringing wet because of the humidity.

So one thing we have to deal with is molding saddles in our trailer. The changing area in the trailer doesn't get a lot of air movement so when the saddles/bridles hang out in the nose of the trailer, they sometimes mildew. Yuck! So here's a trick to help you keep your leather tack in tip top condition!

On Father's Day, Dad and Tbug worked on cleaning up the saddles and bridles that decided to grow some mildew.

So what you need:
A spray bottle,
Listerine (the yucky brown kind)
And water.

Are you scratching your head yet? Listerine? Really? Yup! So you do 2 parts water to 1 part Listerine, place in your spray bottle, shake up and you're ready to go. It helps kill the mildew and keep it at bay. And I'm not sure there is much that brown kind is good for... lol.

So cover your saddle with the Listerine mixture.

Be sure to get even the underneath side. Cover the saddle with this mixture.

Then take a rag and scrub scrub scrub.

Once you've done that, condition your saddle. It's always good to condition your saddle anyway. This is leather soap. It works the same way, spray it on, rub it off with a towel, and bam, you have a clean saddle.

Then just let your saddle dry. Now in the humidity, that is easier said that done sometimes, but that's all it takes.

and one last piece of information... Do you know Why Emeril Lagasse yells BAM? Supposedly it was to keep the audience awake. :). I have no idea how true that is, just what I heard and when I said BAM I thought I should share :). Happy Monday!


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