Friday, December 19, 2014

Wrapping Presents and other Musings

To say I've been a bit of a scrooge this year might be an understatement. This has been an extremely trying year for my family and I've taken it pretty hard... harder than most of the family I think. I wish I knew why... but I don't. I keep praying for help in understanding. I know things that have happened in the past, now looking back was the best thing that happened, but still...

Anyway usually I'm extremely excited to put the Christmas tree up and I was. I really wanted baby girl to be a part of it but there were other plans... like nap time. I was frustrated. Oh well... life happens, right?

So then I've been putting off wrapping presents. Christmas is my favorite time of year but it comes and goes so fast and then you have to wait a whole year for it to come back around. Oh Christmas, where are you? Can you believe it'll be here next week? NEXT WEEK! So I've been putting off wrapping presents hoping I could push it off and keep it going. Hoping I could gain my Christmas spirit I usually have, but I guess I've come to the reality that Christmas is coming and I better get a move on with the wrapping of the presents.

Ok one question... So how old does a kid have to be before there are no more Santa presents?

Thursday, December 18, 2014

10 Reasons I like to visit Ft. Worth

In no particular order, here are my reasons for visiting Ft. Worth!

1. The Stockyards, duh! I absolutely LOVE the Stockyards. It's part of history but it also just fun. Great shopping too! Usually I buy a purse and a belt here, but this year I have a new purse/camera bag (LOVE) and my mom gave me a belt just before we left, so we were on the hunt for Christmas presents for Tbug.

2. It's a GREAT place to ride Longhorn steers.

3. It is the place to get dressed in your absolute best!

4. Where else do you find Cowboy Santa? And get your first ever Santa Candy Cane, just saying!

5. Trips to the store and annoying people when you take pictures of things you don't see back home... btw, who pays $49.99 (even per pound) for Mushrooms?

6. Hello, good food, need I say more?!?!

7. Okay, the real reason for coming down... the NCHA Futurity. Some years we compete down here but not this year. My uncle typically does every year though and he made the finals in the Non Pro! Woot Woot!

8. Sleeping. If nothing else, we are on vacation so it is a time to relax!

9. Definitely an awesome place to take a family selfie... duh! (Wow, I've said duh a lot in this post... I should work on some new words)

10. Watching the horse sales. They are really a lot of fun, especially when you see the prices some people pay. I'd like to have just a quarter of their money!

Bonus: Spending time with all family members down here. (My aunt and uncle who participated in the show and my aunt who lives down here!)

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Review Extravaganza - April thru June #2014RE

2014 Review Extravaganza

Welcome to the second round of the Review Extravaganza! If you're wondering about the rules, check out this post, otherwise grab the button and let's get to this thing now! :)

April 2014

Our Babies were born this year within a couple weeks of each other.

Week 26, Week 27, Week 28, Week 29

Pregnancy wasn't always easy on me, but I was given one heck of a man to go through it with! Then I pondered where we'd be had we not gotten back in each others lives.

I changed my blog title from Life's a Beach to Midwestern at Heart this month. It was a big step but I feel more at home under this name... I liked the other but when I wanted a .com, was a realtor in California.

We took a class trip to Oxford, MS to check out William Faulkner's old stomping ground. I also left my pillows at Comfort Inn down there and it would have cost me $30 to ship them home :(.

While there we ate at two different restaurants that were good Soul Food!

Hubby and I also had a quick trip to Memphis, TN.

Easter 2014

And we rounded out the month by taking KG to the Horse Chiropractor

May 2014

Week 30, Week 31, Week 32, Week 33, Week 34

The end of school stressed me out with the amount of work I had to finish at the end of the semester, but I did find time to participate in Tbug getting scuba certified and I made a Kentucky Derby Pie, hello YUM!

A story about "I don't dance" and we're not talking about me.

Mother's Day 2014 and I got my Cherry Pie.. YUM! Actually I think I made it but maybe not, I can't remember... maybe we should both go read this post?

We remodeled our Kitchen, finally!

You really should go learn about birds!

Baby Squirrel got a party in her honor! (That would be baby girl in case you you were curious :)) She had the absolute best party thrown by 2 very close friends of ours!!

Again I got accused of being a photography snob :(.

We spent Memorial Day at the Lake trying to finish up Tbug's Scuba Certification.

And the last day of the month was NCHA Day and Tbug Showed!

June 2014

Week 35, Week 36, Week 37, Week 38/39

We may or may not have had a bunch of Maternity Photo outtakes
So I should mention that I ate a lot of Cheeseburgers right before baby girl was born. That was the only thing that sounded good.

We celebrated Father's Day. Hubby actually got his present almost a month before Father's Day because I had 2 different coolers picked out but wanted his final decision, plus I needed the truck to haul it and while I was at it I made him carry it too.

My list of things they don't tell you about pregnancy...

All that bad with the pregnancy didn't matter as Baby girl finally made her appearance, right on her due date (by our calculations not the doctors. And we told the doctor my due date all along...)

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2014 Review Extravaganza


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