10 Things to Smile About – July

8.  We went to Incredible Pizza with friends and played Laser Tag!! 3.  I was introduced to a {knockoff} Wendy’s Frosty.  We also had it on National Ice Cream Day!! 1.  Hubby, Pokey, Earl and I got Scuba Certified.  I’m a bit behind and I’m working on a post about that!!!!   4.  Earl turned […]

Hubby’s Smoked Beans

If there’s one thing my husband likes to do, it’s using his smoker.  When we first started dating I heard all about it, and I still do.  Not complaining because he’s good at it!  Just saying, that’s one of his specialties.  Sadly, one of his favorite things to make is smoked beans.  I don’t like […]